Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who's Really Reading Our Blog?

Do you really want to know who is reading this blog? I can tell you this. I know that all four WonderWomen read it, some of our husbands read it, some of our friends, a few referrals from G Love's other blog come over and a few readers from my other blog hop over. But we already knew about most of those people. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I know each and every person that has visited this blog. I told you I have super powers! Actually, I set up a site meter and it gives me all sorts of fun statistics about our little site. How many visits we have daily, how long each visitor stays, and what pages they are reading. I am most fascinated by the Google searches that bring visitors to our site. So, I thought I would let you in on some of the searches that have led new readers to our site -- readers that actually stayed once they visited and have come back for more! So, on with the show!

1. wonderwomen
Why, yes we are! We've actually been found with this search several times and some of the other results for this search are very interesting. There are comic book sites, a women's prenatal and post-natal fitness workout site, and a church group site. We are certainly not like any of those sites! Our blog is actually the sixth result for this Google search and the link is to my entry about my fellow WonderWomen hating Crocs! Ah ha! Crocs do have benefits!

2. how do you stop your skirts getting static
This search made me laugh out loud when I saw it! This linked back to MSO Rin's entry about people wearing dresses over jeans. I should have known that she would have the answer to skirts and static cling -- it is a slip, silly! Wear a slip! Okay, but seriously. We were the fifth result for this Google search. The other results include a site that offers "Annie’s six simple tips for getting rid of that nasty static cling" and uses for clothes pins!

3. professional crocs+static electricity
Crocs strike again! This search made us the tenth result and linked to G Love's entry about Swedish hospitals banning Crocs due to the static electricity build-up and subsequent machine malfunction. This was apparently a very hot topic as at least six other blogs come up as results and everyone's viewpoint is very different on this subject.

So, we do have readers outside of our family and friends. We have entertained people who have never seen our faces and probably never will. We've entertained a slew of Americans, a handful of Canadians, one person from Japan, a lone soul from Norway, and a South American! So, let me welcome you all on behalf of all four WonderWomen. No matter how you find us, we are very happy that you are here.


Anonymous said...

You just KNOW that the Norwegian reader is related to me somehow! Hi, Norwegian reader! Are you from Bergen? :)

Thanks for the interesting info, all-knowing Wicked M! I heart this entry!

G Love said...

Cool. :) International relations. Crossing borders. Helping women successfully wear skirts. Educating the world on the dangers of Crocs.

We ARE Wonder Women!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome!!

A Canadian