Tuesday, May 15, 2007

who's here?

wow, g-love, you know more people reading this blog than i do! i'm quite excited to learn that there are 10 wonder women readers out there. that's about 6 more than i thought we had.

i still blog in secret, therefore, most of my friends and family do not know about this blog. a few do, but the majority would be appalled to know that i contribute to 2 blogs. after all, don't i know how scary the internet is? don't i know that people can actually find me on this thing? well, of course. all they have to do is look up my phone number on whitepages.

i hope our reader base grows someday, but even if it's just the 10 of us (wow, what a great name for a sitcom!), i'll be as happy as a clam. it is kind of fun to blog when no one knows who is on the other side of the computer. muahhahahahahah!


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Marcie M. said...

Yo mama...I am here!! I love the Wonder Women...I wish my friends and I would do this!! I've been trying but they are rebelling against the internet...damn them!