Thursday, May 3, 2007

I Wonder What _____ is/are Doing Right Now?

I know you aren't wondering what I am doing right now, but I am currently at work. I am working hard, obviously. But you don't really care about me. Let's talk about what the peeps in my life are up to.

1. Husband - He's still sleeping, the lucky duck. One of the few upsides of having liver and kidney failure is getting to stay home and sleep as much as you like. He'll probably be up in the next 45 minutes or so to take more itch medicine and to growl at Wondercat.

2. Wondercat - Sleeping too. That cat does virtually nothing to expend energy and yet he is still exhausted enough to collapse almost anywhere and become comatose. He's even started snoring sometimes. As soon as Superman gets up, Wondercat will be on him like glue. He's got to know where his people are and once he has located Superman, Wondercat will be back to sleep.

3. My Parents - My mom and dad are both at work and have been at work since the early hours of the morning. They both work in education and this requires them to be at work before most people have even started their morning commute. My dad is probably dealing with some administrative issue or some wily kid and my mom is probably enjoying the silence in her classroom today as her students are reading a new book. They are loving it and this pleases her to no end.

4. My Brother - He's arrived at the office in the last thirty minutes or so. He's checked his e-mail, read the Wall Street Journal and already has a plan for his day. He's got appointments to keep, clients to keep happy and money to make.

5. The Other WonderWomen - Well, super jane and G Love are both at work. At least they should be. They probably do what I do most mornings. Arrive at the office wishing that it were Saturday instead of Thursday and the minute that their computers boot up, they check out this site to see if it has been updated. Welcome! MSO Rin is probably just out of bed and is also wishing that today were Saturday. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


MSO Rin said...

This has been the longest week in the history of weeks. I am ACHING for Saturday--you are so right!

G Love said...

How did you know? It's like a window into my soul. ;)

Also, I love the description of Wondercat. Schmitty cat is about to turn 2, and slowly transitioning from busybody kitten to, um, big lump of fur. But she, like Wondercat, is a big lump of fur who must keep tabs on the housepeople at all times. Once they're accounted for, she's asleep again. But she doesn't snore. Yet. Perhaps Wondercat is my window into her future. It's good to know what's coming.