Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Wonder Who's Not Reading This?

Actually, not true. I know who’s not reading this blog: The Boy. G Love’s count is off by one! He has no idea it exists. Not necessarily because I enjoy having one thing that’s a secret—a non-harmful secret—from the boy. I do. This is a fun, just-for-me-and-my-girls thing I do every day; I don’t feel badly about not letting him in on it like I do when I sometimes spend $ on things I don’t need. Mostly he doesn’t know about it b/c he and I are both traditionally anti-blog. (So never say “never,” dear readers!) The Boy and I have been vocally opposed to the blogosphere in the past, and the fact that there are three to five personal blogs (not counting this one) that I read on a daily basis is a source of embarrassment to him. Although when I have news to share that I learned from these blogs, he never stops me from telling him. Humph. Double standard, that.

So if we ever start wondering things like “Why are men so truly strange sometimes,” I’ll have quite a bit of freedom to expound using personal anecdotes with no fear of retribution.

The cats don’t read it, either. Not that they can read … I’m just sayin’.

A PS to my fellow WonderWomen: happy anniversary! Here’s to one month of the most superpowered blog out there!

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G said...

Darlin' is also anti blog. He finds me ridiculous. I find watching the Atlanta Braves every night for 2 weeks and then on their one night off playing video games ridiculous. We ridicule one another on a regular basis. But I still make him read what I write.

Anyway, now I know not to mention it to stageXing next time I . . . talk . . . to . . . ok so there was never really much danger of me letting the cat out of the bag.