Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Wonder What My Family's Doing Right ... NOW!

At 8:39A Mountain Time, The Boy is probably at his desk, checking email and looking down at his sleeping shop (design/tech students don’t have shops during the last week of classes so they can work on their portfolios), and wondering if he can log onto our Sirius account from his computer or if he needs to check with me first. A worthy wonder, since every time he decides it’s OK to just go for it, he knocks me off the account and I call his office and bless him out for it. After all, he gave Sirius to me for Christmas, not the other way around! And he’s also without a doubt drinking a Coke. It’s his addiction. Thank goodness for that Costco subscription that keeps 24 cans in our fridge at all times.

P&J are at home, curled up with their tails on their noses, side by side (no, they’re not Siamese, but they’re brothers from the same litter) on the bed. Maybe one paw stretched forward for flexing purposes, but otherwise, they’re snoozing compactly. Dreaming about the moment we get home and they can caterwaul at us to remind us that under no circumstances are we to do anything at all prior to feeding them.

My sister Kat is likely either pressing the snooze button (they live in Oregon, so it’s only 7:50A there) or showering before she wakes up enough to drive to her job as manager of a custom framing store. Her hubby Owl is already at work, dutiful little carpentry-shop assistant manager that he is.

And what am I doing? Thinking about refilling my coffee mug, saying good morning to the faculty members wandering in to pick up #2 pencils (it’s time for course evaluation bubble sheets to be completed), and thinking about how much we need the rain that’s pattering outside. Admiring my polka-dot umbrella. Listening to Fall Out Boy on a mixed CD a friend made me. Having a pretty good day.

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G Love said...

You can log into Sirius from the internet?? Whoa, whoa, hold the cotton picking phone. Wonder what I'm doing right now? That would be, googling Sirius and figuring out how to log in.

Your day does sound pretty ok. I'm glad. It makes me miss you though! ;)