Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When Did I Grow Up?

I didn’t even notice.

I graduated from college eight years ago; got married almost six years ago; bought my first home eight months ago; have married off my brother, sister, and most of my friends; held one of my best friends’ newborns in December; have worked for five different companies; have moved from one state to another twice (once across the country); and spent a good two hours of chatting time this Christmas with my oldest friend … discussing insurance and investments.

Does this mean I’m done? The growing pains have all ended? I’m an adult? I wonder when it happened—I wonder if there was one defining moment when the universe said, “OK, kid, this is it. The instant you take this next step, it’s on. You’re playin’ with the big boys.”

Maybe it wasn’t graduating that made me an adult (although I still believe that going to HC ‘grew me up’ as I wrote way back in my very first entry), but it was the three things I did within a year after that: got a job, got an apartment, and found my lifelong love.

I think we each become an adult through different milestones. Just b/c someone has an apartment and a job but not a serious girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s not a grown-up. Or that someone who’s in love, happy, and in between careers isn’t an adult. What do you think? Is there just one thing that you do that confirms your adulthood? What is it? For me, I think it was the triumvirate of the above that brought me into the world of the big boys.

Turning 30 earlier this year didn’t hurt, either.


Wicked M said...

I think that it must be different for everyone. Although it seems as though each time you reach a goal that you think will make you an adult, another one comes along. You know, you get your first job and then everyone starts asking when you're getting hitched. You get hitched, everyone starts asking when you are having kids. You have kids, well, I don't know the question that comes after that. Who knows anymore?

Anonymous said...

The question that comes after that is "What college do you think you'll send them to?" And the question after that is "Do the kids have jobs lined up?" It's a vicious cycle! :)