Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Wonder Where All The Hate Comes From...

I have to admit that I've been dreading this week's entry! The hatred my fellow WonderWomen feel for Crocs and Uggs is palpable and I fear for my safety if I dare go against them. But I must. But before I do that: a disclaimer. I never said that Crocs and Uggs were cute or attractive. I only ever espoused the benefits of wearing them. These benefits far outweigh most other trends as they are merely for show -- these two types of shoes actually have benefits. Unlike tight rolling jeans. That was just for show people! And it looked good in 1985 when I was in elementary school wearing my tight rolled jeans with three pairs of different colored socks and with my bangs hairsprayed to kingdom come. That was all about show!

In the beginning I was totally against both Crocs and Uggs. I thought Uggs were ridiculous as the only time I ever saw them was on Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. And they wore them with mini-skirts in the middle of the summer! Where I come from, sheepskin lined boots are for the winter. Then, as winter turned nasty the year that Uggs had become a fashion phenomenon, they were pretty much all I could find in the stores. I was searching for a pair of boots to wear when cleaning seven inches of snow off my car at 6:00 in the morning. I finally settled on the least offensive color, sand, and shelled out the cash. And I love them. Thankfully, I only have to wear them about ten times a year and I never wear them for more than about fifteen minutes at a time. And I never wear them with a mini-skirt. I don't even own a mini-skirt, so there! Those boots have saved me (and my toes!) on more than one occasion.

The Crocs were also something that I shunned at first. They were ugly, who would wear those, etc. They were marketed as gardening shoes at first, for goodness' sake! And yet. Once I saw a pair of the black Mary Jane Crocs, I was sold. I love them. They are comfortable and breathable. I mostly see shoes as utilitarian and while I do have some gorgeous shoes for special occasions, I choose comfort over form whenever possible. Crocs are great for your feet and some physicians are wearing them and asking their patients to wear them as well. In the winter I mostly wear tennis shoes and heeled boots for work. In the summer I wear flip flops and strappy slides for work. The Crocs get me through the odd part of the year that is between winter and summer. Too cold for flip flops, but too warm for boots. I don't own a pair in any fluorescent colors. I have no desire for a pair in college colors or to match every outfit. Mine are just in plain boring black and I've worn them less than a handful of times! And my friend C, who is more stylish than anyone else I know, had a pair on when I saw her two weeks ago. Vindication!

Please don't hate me!

But please don't even get me started on the Jelly shoes that I saw in the store last weekend. At Nordstrom's no less.


G said...

What. Don't tell me jellies are back. We don't need to revisit that era.

Anonymous said...

Wicked M, I love you. No matter what shoes you're wearing. The hatred radiating from our posts is for the actual item(s)--not necessarily the wearer.

Although my feelings are still hurt that the adorable LiLo from MEAN GIRLS betrayed me by losing too much weight and befriending Brit. But that, also, is another post.

super jane said...

jellies are back!? YES! now i can bust out those awesome plastic bracelets i've been dying to wear again.