Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i wonder when i got here.

as i sit here waiting for jas to meet me at the office to make a kid swap (i have to take our oldest has dance class), i realize that by definition, i am an adult. it's weird how it just sneaks up on you, you know? one day you're having a blast in college; enjoying the freedom; enjoying the beverages; enjoying the friendship that surrounds your every minute. the next day, you're thrust into the harsh world of paying bills; repaying student loans; getting married; potty training; hauling your kids to dance class.

i was at a wedding this weekend and my single, childless friends were telling me how jealous they were of my life. i admit, it's nice to hear that, because sometimes i forget. i dream of the freedom i once had, and they dream of living each day with the loves of their lives and raising the next generation. it's amazing how much greener the grass is on the other side.

i don't feel so grown up. maybe once i hit 30? or maybe it'll be 40? i remember when 30 seemed so old, but now i hear of people dying at 34 and i think about how much life they had left to live. yes, i have a mortgage. i have a husband -- the same one, i might add, for nearly 7 years. i have 2 kids. a cat. a tank full of fish. i have a good job. a car payment. and everything else that accompanies society's definition of an 'adult.'

just don't bet on me getting a minivan anytime soon.


G said...

Props to you for resisting true Old Fart land - the minivan. My husband is already researching alternatives, and we aren't even on the nest yet!

Anonymous said...

Just say "yes" to a Saturn VUE hybrid instead. Actually, it did poorly in safety tests, so go with a CR-V instead. It's close enough to the dreaded miniv, right?

Wicked M said...

Uh oh! One of us actually admitted to being a real grown-up. I think it must be the kiddos. I was thinking about this driving to work this morning and I really do think that helps move you into feeling more like an adult -- at least that is what my friends with kids tell me!

Can't wait to see what us "older" girls have to say today and tomorrow!

Amanda said...

minivans aren;t so bad. my first "car" was a toyota previa, and i loved it! then, i was 20, didn't have kids, and could fit everything i owned in it. but the captains chairs turned around so i could make it like a limo.