Friday, May 25, 2007

i wonder who decided to eat a coconut.

my bff tara and i sometimes discuss this topic, so i thought i would pose it to you as well. i love coconut. i love bananas. i love pineapple. but who in the heck decided to eat them in the first place?

imagine it. you're walking along the sandy beaches of some distant (and most likely yet-to-be-discovered) island. the ocean waves are crashing onto the shore. a cool ocean breeze blows your hair into your face. the palms of nearby trees begin to rustle in the breeze when BAM! something knocks you on the noggin.

once you regain consciousness, you discover that you were assaulted by a hard, brown, bristly ball. upon closer examination, you find that it is covered with a coarse hairlike fiber. what do you do? do you throw it around with your buddies and play 'hard, brown, bristle ball?' do you use it as a weapon for hunting small prey?

hell no! you crack that sucker open and start eating what's inside. well, sure you do. that's only logical!

for serious, what was this person thinking? my first reaction to a coconut...or banana...or pineapple would not be to actually ingest what was inside. but, whatever the circumstances surrounding their discovery, i'm certainly happy about it. i mean, can you think of anything better to eat with nutella?


G Love said...

MMmmmmmm. Me like wonder women blogs about food.

I wonder how long it took the human race to figure out what hard shelled things to crack open and eat, and what to leave alone. Coconut? Good. Pineapple? Good. Turtle? Gross.

Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today!

Anonymous said...

Turtle soup--hello!?!

Wicked M said...

I wonder about this all the time. Often, McHub and I will sit down to dinner and one of us will make a comment like, "Who the heck decided to eat _______ first?" Then we stuff our faces. I love thinking about this kind of thing!

Thanks for the giggle!