Friday, May 4, 2007

I Wonder Where My Week Went

I mean, really. It's a little ridiculous. This week, I have:

1. Sweated happily in 80+ degree sunshine
2. Watched it snow--and stick, at least on Mt. Sentinel
3. Advised two new undergrad majors
4. Gone through an entire copy-machine toner cartridge
5. Performed in a ten-minute play
6. Attended a play and a dance concert
7. Eaten McDonald's, Taco Bell, and 7 granola bars (I don't even pretend to be healthy anymore ... )
8. Spent two mornings and one evening at the gym ( ... except when I do)
9. Cried on more than one occasion
10. Laughed until my cheeks hurt
11. Missed out on many important catching-up phone calls from other WonderWomen

Where did all this living come from? And why am I not noticing it until now, at the end of seven days of it? Sometimes I wonder if I'll spend my entire adulthood continuing to take things for granted as I did when I was younger. But it's not really taking things for granted so much as forgetting to stop and breathe--stop and notice all the things I'm doing and having and feeling. Must remember to breathe. Now I sound like my wise little sister Kat. :)

Wherever you are, I hope you live this weekend. I know I'm going to try.


kat said...

I won't chastise you for the mcdonalds because you said I was wise. (Not because I feel complimented but because I am laughing to hard to scold.)

Wicked M said...

Live with me! Laugh with me! Chat with me! Eat McDonald's with me!

Love you, doll. Hope your weekend was one full of life.