Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Wonder Who Decides Current Fashion Trends

I’m not addressing Crocs/Uggs today. I’m taking on another fashion trend that I despise.

Wearing a skirt over jeans or other pants.

To quote Seth & Amy’s segment on ‘Weekend Update’: really?!? Really.

Is one garment not enough? Why is it necessary to put something over your jeans or under your skirt? (I’m not talkin’ about a slip, either. Those who know me well know my love of a slip.) That’s just wasting fabric. It does not look cool to appear that you couldn’t quite decide what to wear—the jersey-knit black mini or the rolled-to-cropped-length dark-wash denims—so you just decided to not decide. Personally, my rear is big enough when viewed in one layer of clothing (this whole rant assumes you are also wearing skivvies. That’s an entirely different wonder). So maybe it’s jealousy that makes me feel such burning, passionate dislike for such an ensemble. There’s no way I could get away with walking around in two different forms of bottoms without feeling that I had created some massive target at which small children might practice throwing things like chalk or empty juice boxes.

Isn’t it hot? In the spring, summer, and even fall, isn’t it enough to have jeans on if you’re taking a stroll around the Farmer’s Market? Do you maybe not have pockets in your skirt and you really need someplace to put your $5? Is there a hole in the front of your jeans at the bottom of the zipper (you know what I’m talking about, Old Navy) that you have to cover up?

If you know who’s responsible for this fashion travesty, please, write in and let me know. I have some hate mail to send.


G said...

Um, I think we can blame all of London in 1999. That skirt over pants thing was all the rage then, when MSO and I and Company went to London for a class. We looked at it with raised eyebrows then, and I still do when I see it now. In addition to the wider bum problem - who does these people's laundry? I definitely don't need twice as much clothes to wash!

kat said...

I don't care what you say- I LOVE love LOVE wearing a dress over jeans- I don't do the skirt as much, but I still do it. For someone who lives in the changeable Pacnorwest- It works better than tights to keep me warm. and Some days, my jeans are tight and a dress makes me feel more comfortable squatting in them (better than seeing my coin slot!) and considering I climb ladders most every day- I don't feel like the world is checking out my knickers, yet I can still be feminine. So There! (and Might I add- I have been doing this for a couple years now, and I was doing cropped pants with boots back in 2000 and my husband laughed at me then too...)

glove said...

PS - For some reason I thought it was Wicked M writing this post. Hence referring to MSO Rin in the 3rd person, rather than the, um, 2nd person?

And Kat - coin slot? Haha!! Funny.

Anonymous said...

OK, Kat. You explained why it's good to double up sometimes. I'd MUCH rather see the dress-plus-jeans combo than the never-attractive coin slot. Thanks for clearing that up!

Wicked M said...

I think this is a cute trend -- the dress over jeans thing. I do it sometimes and it is usually when the weather is a little chilly. I make sure to only pair the dress with my skinniest of jeans (but not skinny jeans). I think it is cute!

Anonymous said...

I am addressing the "skivvies". I hate them, I find them cumbersom, and as though I am constantly trying to pick a wedgie. I find them necessary ( spelling not an issue) in times of formals and other such occassions when panty lines would be unacceptabel, but otherwise FULL COVERAGE PLEASE!