Monday, May 14, 2007

I wonder who is reading our blog anyway?

We’ve been at this for almost exactly a month now – MSO Rin can celebrate our official one month anniversary in her post this Wednesday. Four great topics, four great Free for All Fridays; four great weeks of wondering with the Wonder Women.

So, 22 blogs later, rolling into our fifth superheroine week of blogging, who is reading us? Besides us, I mean?

Did any attendees of HC read our posts about our shared alma? How about those PB&J lovers, all I got comments from were semi-haters. Speaking of haters, where are Wicked M’s fellow Uggs and Crocs devotees? Stand up with the woman, she was a lone voice of support for the trendy and fabulous (not forgetting the trendy and ridiculous). While Wicked M is fabulous, LiLo and Pammy Anderson fall under the category of ridiculous, and I can say with conviction that they’re not reading us.

Ooooh, I wonder if any sickos googling for shots of Pammy’s mammary glands got linked to our site? How about people looking for Jay Zee, the rapper, who were undoubtedly fascinated to read that his first love was a little blond girl in a North Dakota playground? (And that he used to have freckles and brown hair)?

I wonder – did any of our husbands read our blogs at the exact second that we were wondering what they were doing? Wouldn’t that be ironic. Don’t ya think.

Oh well, until we get a few more comments with names on them the only people who I know are reading this blog are the four Wonder Women and two of their (biological) sisters, Kat and Amanda. I also know I force my husband to read this blog, though I know he secretly enjoys it. I imagine the rest of the husbands read it, too. So that gives us an audience of 10, including the contributors.

Any readers want to comment and make yourselves known? Now’s your chance!! ;) Peace and love to ya, commenters, lurkers, and contributors – readers all. G


Wicked M said...

I can tell you who is reading our blog at any given moment! I have superpowers! But seriously...I love that our first readers were ourselves and then our closest family and friends! Here's to welcoming many new readers in the coming months! Welcome to our wonderful (and funny!) world!

Amy said...

Lurker here!!
I come from Wicked M's place because I love her posts so much!!

Great place you gals have here!

Wicked M said...

I have a fan! Thanks, Amy!!


Anonymous said...

Three biological sisters . . . Caki!