Tuesday, May 8, 2007

are you kidding me?

i really would like to know who decided that oversized plastic gardening shoes were okay to wear outside of the garden. uggs i don't mind so much, although i would never have enough confidence to wear them. i'm not a fan of tucking your jeans into them though. it reminds me of back in the day when we would 'tight roll' or 'peg' our jeans...and wear 3 different colored pairs of socks. yeah, i'd like to forget those days. so, uggs, you have a semi-fan in me. again, i could never wear you, but lindsay lohan sure knows how to rock you out like somethin' fierce.

let me return to crocs. i think i remember seeing them in lillian vernon or some other catalog of that sort. but, i don't remember ever seeing young people wearing them in the photos. no, i seem to recall that only old people had them on and the picture almost always showed them nosing around in the garden. or maybe i'm mistaken...either way, they remind me of something you wear in the garden. not actually in your real day-to-day life, you know? so when did that become trendy?

i have recently returned from a trip to europe and found some of the shoe fashions in paris to be quite...er...interesting. it's almost like it's cool to wear ugly flats over there which is fine. whatever blows your skirt up. what's really interesting though is that i did not spy one solitary pair of crocs while there. not one. so if crocs are even too ugly for parisians maybe we need to take a lesson from our french friends. let's leave the gardening shoes for the garden, shall we?


G said...

ditto on the uggs. I'm not so much a skinny leg jeans girl.

Har har, gardening shoes. Awesome.

Wicked M said...

Wow. The hatred is palpable. I love my Crocs, my Uggs and my cool flats! I am, once again, in the minority. That's cool...