Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sorry to Bring the Party Down ...

... but I've been dreading this Wonder, and I knew it was coming. I took the day off work yesterday, and actually wondered (hee hee) while I was out and about if "What do our pets think?" would be this week's topic. I wrote the following at the beginning of July, but hadn't really found an appropriate time to post it. So here goes:

On June 28, The Boy and I had to make that hardest of decisions about one of our beloved meow-meows, P. He became terminally ill quite suddenly (shockingly so) and although I know it was the right thing to do, it was still awful. I miss P terribly.

He was ten years old, black with yellow eyes. He wore a red collar and was small and wily and had a big personality. He was The Boy's before I came into their lives, but P quickly decided that I was his and J was The Boy's. He was fond of head-butting my hands when he wanted into my lap while I was reading magazines. He was also fond of food, and went to great lengths to wake me up whenever it was he felt he should be given breakfast. He'd either put his cold little kitty nose on my closed eyelid (as though he were sniffing to see how close my eyes were to opening) or ever-so-gently put one paw, claws-out, on my lower lip and pat me.

I’d appreciate it if you took a moment today to give your favorite pets (animal or otherwise) an extra hug and kiss and think of P when you do. But don’t worry about us too much: J will, no doubt, rise to the occasion of bossing The Boy and me around all by himself.


Wicked M said...

So, so sad. Sweet kitty. You're handling it amazingly well, MSO. You're one tough gal whose animals are lucky to have as a mama.

super jane said...

i'm so sorry, rin. i had no idea that you lost a furry love. if i had known that, i definitely would have bypassed this topic!

i know the feelings that you are experiencing. we made that very same decision a few years ago when we had our other cat, louis, put to sleep. while we knew we had to, it was the most gut wrenching decision i've ever made. i'm thinking of you, sweetie. *big hug*

G said...

I don't feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for God. He's really regretting his decision at this point. "Dude, who let this cat into my heavenly home. He, like, totally wakes my butt up at the crack of dawn. Haven't you ever heard of a Saturday, you meowing menace? Hey, archangel Gabriel, can you do something about this cat? Where's his freakin' food? It's 6am for St. Pete's sake."

;) Way to go, P. Give 'em hell up in heaven.

Wish I was there with you. Schmitty gives her love to the 3 superheroes left behind.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally called J by P's name in the middle of the night last night b/c he was CHASING HIS TAIL IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR BED. WHILE WE TRIED TO SLEEP. IN THE 90+-DEGREE WEATHER. A very P-esque move.