Monday, July 23, 2007

i wonder how closely my personality matches my astrological sign?

i was born in january which makes me a capricorn. i've always heard that capricorns are supposed to be stubborn and demanding, which suits me perfectly. i've never really looked up the traits of a capricorn though until now and i was shocked at how closely the long, detailed description fit me. the description itself was 8 paragraphs long, so i'll save you the length and hit on the highlights. and if you are really curious to know how i am, you can check out the full report at . most everything listed there fits me to a 't.'

*stable and serious -- i love stability and am fairly serious. i love to have a good time though, so i wouldn't say that i am incredibly serious. i guess this depends on where the adjective is applied. with my family and friends, i like to have fun. i like to act goofy and make jokes (jokes that are seldom funny. i'm a *terrible* joke teller.), but at work, i'm all business. sure, i can smart off now and again in a meeting, but i'm usually a bit more serious than most.

*independent, confident, strong willed -- independent? that i am. i will do things for myself and by myself, thankyouverymuch. i hate to accept help from anyone, be it with something mentally challenging or physcially challenging. and i would much rather do everything on my own anyway because i know that i will do it right. i don't want to give a project to someone else because i know i'll end up redoing it to suit my taste. i have a tough time with teamwork. and i think those statements just gave evidence of the next couple of traits. i am confident in myself (although i sometimes lack confidence in social setting which i'm not sure anyone who knows me in real would would ever believe) and incredibly strong willed. i hate to give up or give in and will not do so until i think all avenues of success have been exhausted.

*unemotional -- *buzzer sounds* sorry, folks, but i am probably one of the most emotional gals you'll ever meet. i feel emotion and let the world know it. i don't hide my emotions well at all and sometimes this gets me in trouble. and, i hate to admit it, but when i hear of incredibly sad situations, i have to remove myself and ignore it. isn't that terrible? i tell my friend who is a pediatric nurse and works with very sick little boys and girls that i am so thankful for people like her because i would never be able to do it. i would much rather not even think about sad situations because i just get so upset and depressed. so, i guess this specific trait does not fit me at all!

*respect discipline and authority -- yes, yes, yes. i love rules and am a rule follower to a fault. heck, i usually only go 5 mph over the speed limit because that's the rule. i love rules. i love setting them. i love keeping them. i love order and all that rules and discipline bring with it!

*economical -- i admit it. i'm a tightwad. but maybe i should start saying that i'm economical instead since that sounds better. i like money and i like keeping it in a bank. i hate to part with it and will only purchase something if the money is there. i cannot stand credit cards and i always keep a $0 balance on it at the end of the month. every morning after i check my email, i look at my bank account online to see what checks had cashed overnight and where i stand financially. i am obsessive about contributing to my 401(k) and love receiving my quarterly statements to see how much my nest egg has grown.

*subtle intellect -- i believe that i am intellectual, but i'm not sure if i'm naturally smart or whether my drive to be the best makes me so. unfortunately, i was not one of those types who never had to study in high school. i studied alright and i busted my tail to make sure that i graduated in the top 10% of my class (my official rank was 8/180-something). i didn't necessarily want to take physics and calculus, but i did because i didn't want to be one step behind my peers. i'm stubborn as all get out and couldn't bear the thought of others excelling while i sat on the sidelines. i'm not a huge fan of reading which is what most smart people like to do in their spare time (ie. g love and wicked m and i'm sure mso rin falls in this category too). i do read 'newsweek' and watch a lot of news to keep up on current events and sound smart in social settings! ;)

*occupations have to do with math or money -- HA! this cracks me up because i work in a financial aid office at a university. obviously, this is right on the money... (pun intended.)

and now you know a little more about super jane. gosh, i hope you still like me!

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