Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Wonder How I'd Spend It ...

… ah, nothing like flights of fancy to go with my morning coffee. Let’s take off, shall we?

1. Bills. Sorry, I know how totally lame this one is, but I’m turning into a bit of a practical gal as I age. I won’t make anyone’s hair stand on end by revealing just how big a chunk of my cool mil would have to go to this first item, but saying it’s not pretty would be an understatement (The Boy and I had lots of fun pretending credit-card bills were more like suggestions when we were younger).
2. OK. Now that the painful part is out of the way, let’s get down to business. I want to throw the biggest get-together/house party in the history of Big Sky Country. I’d rent out the entire
Lodge at Whitefish Lake and then pay for everyone’s plane tix and groceries. (Sorry; it’s BYOB—but don’t worry. The best microbrews in the world are right here.) I’d invite family, friends, and maybe even a few folks I just want to impress with my generosity but don’t really like.
3. Do I have any money left? Oh, I do? Well, I guess I should save some for retirement since I don’t think The Boy or I are particularly investment-savvy and I don’t really know if we’re doing the whole 401(k) thing correctly. Hmm. Maybe I should spring for a sit-down with a financial advisor.
4. I’ll spring for a sit-down with a financial advisor.
5. Maybe go see a movie first, and then go to my financial-planning appointment.
6. My nephew’s college education fund. Both my brother and sister-in-law work in higher education, so he’s already got the tuition-waiver thing going for him. But I want to be sure he’ll have enough money to spend at least one semester abroad. And the only string I’ll attach is that he has to say “yes” if we want to visit him while he’s wherever he is.
7. Am I still not out of money? What the heck?!? This is hard! I’ll give whatever I have left to charity … arts-education funds, non-profit theatres, my local Humane Society perhaps …

Whew! That was hard work! But don’t think I’m not up to it, anonymous benefactor, wherever you are. I realize that with great amounts of cash comes great responsibility. I’m ready for the challenge.

Really. Ready to graciously accept as soon as you’re ready to bestow. Any ol’ time. No rush.

I would like to start shopping for The Boy’s birthday, though.

Call me?

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Wicked M said...

HA! Very cute. Although you stole my idea for a get together. Hm. I'll move mine to an island. Then we could all see each other more often than every three years!

I am sure the benefactor is dialing your number as I type. No worries.