Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Wonder What Wondercat Is Thinking?

I highly doubt that Wondercat is really ever thinking anything other than, "Feed me NOW," but I'll go with this.

I've known Wondercat for almost ten years now and this is one clever cat. There are times when I think he knows exactly what we are talking about or understands our body language perfectly. Other times, I think he just ignores us. He is at least smart enough to know when to understand us and when to ignore us. Most times, though, he probably just thinks we're major idiots.

Wondercat and I lived by ourselves for years, so we've developed an interesting bond. We can communicate very easily and I do feel like he understands me most of the time. He even does the cute cock of the head when I say something that he understands and likes. Since Superman moved in, Wondercat has had to adapt somewhat. Superman isn't as much of a sucker as I am and he even suggested a diet for Wondercat. I imagine that Wondercat, upon hearing of this plan, immediately thought, "This guy has got to go." Now the three of us have settled into an easy routine and I think his first thought upon encountering either of us at any time is, "You are my minions. Feed me immediately. And don't touch me while I'm eating."

I know that Wondercat understands when we whistle as that is his signal for treats. He immediately bolts to the kitchen and I just know he is thinking, "YES. NOW. MORE." I know that Wondercat understands when we tell him no or that he is a bad cat and I can imagine that his thoughts are along the line of, "Um, what?? I'm a cat and I am allowed to do whatever I want. Fine. I'll run away, but I'm totally coming back later to continue with my mischief."

Wondercat and I also have our own special cat language. I meow at him and he usually meows back. I don't know why he does it, but it can sometimes really sound like we are having a conversation. I can imagine that for him that when I meow at him I sound like ridiculous. He's probably humoring me. He doesn't do cat talk with Superman or anyone else either. During those conversations he is probably thinking, "My cat parent/mama is very silly, but I am going to keep doing this because it makes me look cute and it will hopefully be followed by a whistle in which I will receive a bounty of treats. MEOW."


Anonymous said...

I think Wondercat would be devastated to learn that you KNOW he's humoring you with the back-and-forth meowing conversation! It's most assuredly a ploy for more treats, b/c it is pretty freakin' adorable. J and I do the same thing, but I think his meows can be best translated as "Stop. Mocking. Me."

Wicked M said...

HA! Or "Shut. Up."

You just know that cats are thinking that a lot of the time!