Monday, July 2, 2007

i wonder what my mom thought when she found out i was a girl.

if you visit our blog regularly, you've probably caught on to the blogging schedule:
mondays - g-love
tuesdays - super jane
wednesdays - mso rin
thursdays - wicked m
fridays - rotate through the 4 of us

we thought we would spice things up a bit in the wonder women world and allow someone else to kick off our weeks. that, my friends, would be me -- yours truly -- super jane. you'll have me kicking off our weekly blog topics for the next few months. and then it will be on to mso rin. i love predictibility and schedules like nobody's business and thought you may enjoy being in on the schedule too.

okay, enough about organization, schedules, and predictibility (3 of my favorite things). let's talk about sex. (i love salt 'n peppa too). but not sex as in 'the nasty,' but rather sex as in gender. i wonder what my mom thought when she found out i was a girl. an interesting topic, i think, because my mom and i have talked about so much surrounding my birth (like the fact that i was almost born in a car because my parents' car broke down on the way to the hospital in the blizzard of '78) that i have failed to ask her this exact question.

if i had to guess, i would assume that at that very moment of my delivery, my mom could not have cared less what my gender was. due to the snow and blizzard of '78, my mom and dad barely made it to the hospital before i was born; therefore, there was no time for my mom to be soothed by an epidural or other drugs. i was delivered au natural and i'm pretty sure my mom wasn't happy about that. having given birth twice myself, i know and understand the value of a good epidural.

once the pain of childbirth wore off, i'm sure my mom was over the moon to have another daughter. having said that, i'm sure there was a bit of let down or disappointment over the fact that i wasn't a boy. i have an older sister and doesn't every parent dream of having 'one of each?' a boy and a girl? of course, the second my parents held me and were mesmerized by my beauty, i'm sure they couldn't have imagined having a son; another daughter would've felt just perfect to them.

my parents already had my name picked out. they wanted to name me after my dad regardless of my gender. and i'm definitely glad i am a girl because the name i would've gotten had i been a boy wouldn't have been my dream name. how does "carl keith lastname III" sound? yeah, my thoughts exactly!

and so they named me my name which i love and if you're wondering what it is -- it's the opposite of cloudy. and when my parents told the doctor what they were naming me, he annouced, 'what? why are you being so mean to her? she just got here!' and at that point, i'm certain my mom was thinking about how she'd like to kick that guy in the teeth!

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