Monday, July 9, 2007

i wonder what i'd do with a million dollars.

i love this topic because i love to day dream about how my life would be had i married prince william or matthew mcconaughey. i love them both. and had i married either of them, i would be rich and not stuck behind this desk right now scraping the sides of my healthy choice frozen lunch container. unfortunately, a million dollars doesn't go that far nowadays, but it would still go a ton further than my current salary.

if i had a million dollars (and you know you're singing that bnl song right now as you read this...which reminds me of g love and her duet during that campus talent show one year!) i would do 2 things: 1) stick $500,000 of it in the bank or invest it somewhere and 2) travel. i've never been a big shopper or one to just blow a ton of money on 'things.' i'm not into cars or clothes or shoes or what have you. no, i'm more into 'going', into seeing, into learning. traveling is right up my alley and that is exactly what i would do with my newfound wealth!

there is no doubt in my mind that i would take my tiny family of 4 on numerous trips. since i have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, we'd have to hit disney world and totally live it up. i would also love to take them and my folks on a trip to europe. my dad is a history freak, but has never been overseas. i would love to take him on a trip to germany if i had a million dollars. a cruise would be nice, as would a trip to egypt. we'd live it up in those places, that's for sure. i wouldn't put us on a budget or pass up that extra souvenir. we'd go hog wild and have the best times!

i would also like to think that i would quit this day job that i have, but i can't say that i would. i'm not nuts about my job, but it does have some perks that i enjoy. one perk that will come in handy years from now is free tuition for my girls. that will be nice to have around and so i need to stick here for awhile. but then again, if i'm going to be traveling so much, i may have to quit for awhile and then hire back on. or better yet, maybe my $500,000 investment will be enough to put them both through school when the time comes.

it's wonderful to dream about it all and think about how my life would be different. i don't see any fortune coming my way any time soon, so i'll have to just cross my fingers and hope that my girls make bigger bucks than me or that they marry rich!


G said...

Ooooohhh, I'm excited about this one. I'm already thinking about what I'll write - this is a dangerous daydream. Maybe some rich guy will read this and decide to bestow the bucks upon us!! What do you think??

Laura said...


super jane said...

lomo, that's fine. you can have prince william...i'll take harry instead and then we can live in the palace together and eat chocolate and drink beer and go swimming and stuff all day long. i'm cool with that.

Wicked M said...

Ladies, I'm sorry to have to burst your bubble about swimming together in the royal pool, but Wills has already been in touch with my parents and asked for my hand. It's all been decided and the press release will be out momentarily. Sor-ry. I shall be his!

I love this topic! If I had a million dollars...oh wait. You'll find out tomorrow! :)