Friday, July 13, 2007

random wonderings.

i've been thinking about today's entry all week. i find myself wondering about random things throughout each day and decided to start keeping track of them. so, for the 'free for all friday,' here is a peek inside my brain and the many random wonderings that i've had in the past 5 days.

location: women's restroom at ____ university where i work
setting: last stall
i wonder why they have directions on the toilet paper holder-thingy that say: pull tissue. tear here? i'm pretty sure that everyone who uses the restroom has some idea as to how the dispenser works. if my 2 year old can figure them out, surely everyone else can. at least i hope so anyway.

location: I-465
setting: in my car, driving home from work
i wonder why some delivery trucks don't have doors on them. i'd be freaking scared to drive around in a large truck, going 70mph down the highway without a door. does it really cut down on the delivery time? boy, we wouldn't want to lose those precious .763 seconds that it takes to actually open a door to get out of the vehicle. to heck to employee safety - we're all about bottom line around here.

location: my office
setting: at my desk
i wonder why they stamped the incorrect address on this form if they knew it's incorrect? morons.
explanation: i had received some forms that needed to be filled out for a state agency. i filled them out and returned them to the address that was stamped on the document itself. the forms were returned to me, so i called to inquire about it. the state agency told me that they moved locations 6 years ago and that the address stamped on the doc was the old address. um, okay. you think they could've either a) updated their docs or b) bought a new stamp. geez, people.

location: local hardware store
setting: in the lumberyard
i wonder what is possessing this man [who is helping us load supplies for the gates to our fence] to tell us his entire life story? i wonder why people do that to me all the time? maybe i have some sort of presence about me that says, 'oh please. i don't know you and apparently don't have enough troubles for my own life. would you please, please, pretty please share your life story with me and tell me about your nasty divorce and how you just changed jobs and took a pay cut and now have to pay $400/month in child support? please? because i'm dying to know.'

location: my neighborhood driving home from aforementioned hardware store
setting: in my car with hubby and girls
i wonder who gets to name streets? i like the name of the streets in our neighborhood...they are nice and comfy and homey feeling. i think it would be fun to sit around and think up new street names all day. and get paid for it. i wonder who's lucky enough to have snagged that job. so cool.

location: ________ university where i work
setting: just walked though the main doors to the building where my office is located
wondering: wonder why my head hurts soooooo bad the absolute second i walk in the door? is it because i know the stress that awaits me? or is there something in the air that i'm allergic to here? seriously, this sucks. i need an advil.

location: my neighborhood
setting: riding my bike home from the pool with the girls in tow in the buggy
i wonder why on earth people thinks it's okay to wear an *entire bottle of cologne* in a 24 hour period?
*explanation: as we were riding home yesterday from the pool, a man driving on his motorcycle passed us on the road. i kid you not that you could smell his cologne. i wanted to chase him down and say, 'hey buddy, here's the dealy-o, you're killing your brain cells and singeing everyone else's nose hairs with that cologne you've slapped on. someone needs to tell you because it's quite obvious that you aren't dating anyone because she would've told you by now. which is probably why you're still single in the first place. cool it with the cologne because we don't necessarily like to smell you 4 miles away. thank you and have a nice day.'

location: ______ university where i work
setting: downstairs in the "commons" area by the microwave
i wonder how men can eat lunch together or sit at the same table and just hang out without ever talking? do they just not sense a little thing we ladies like to call 'awkward silence?' or maybe they sense it but just don't care? yeah, that's probably more like it. they probably just don't care about it...they don't care about much anyway...


and there you have it. a peek into my very random brain and the conversations that i have with myself about random wanderings. happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Super Jane, you crack me up. I have had very many of the same random wonderings myself--especially the cologne thing.

Wicked M said...

Laughing my butt off right now. This is hilarious. Superman and I will exchange random things we wonder about all the time and it always cracks me up! I love the location/setting part too. Hysterical!

I love WW!