Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dream Job, Where Art Thou? Verily, Thou Art with Me Hence!

There are often days when I really believe the job I have is my dream job: I’m ever-so-overqualified for it, I very rarely stress out about it when I’m not here, and the other people in my department love me and for the most part I love them back. Especially a certain guy who works on the other side of my building. That’s right … The Boy and I work in the same place. We met working at the same place, so it’s fitting. Disgustingly sweet, right? We eat lunch together almost every day and if I really need him, he’s only a two-minute walk away. It’s pretty fantastic. But that’s not really why this is (often) my dream job … although it surely helps keep me satisfied with my lot.

I say this all the time: I’ve never been a career-oriented person. I was an English major, people. Ask
Avenue Q about that. I’m the kind of person who spent her time in college enjoying going to college, not thinking about what would happen afterwards. I’m the kind of person who graduated with a high GPA and no clue about what to do next. I’m the kind of person who moved back in w/her parents for almost a year after earning her Bachelor of Arts and took an unpaid internship during that time just to be hanging out at a regional theatre. I’m the kind of person who has only quit a job to take another one in the same town once her whole life. And it was to take the job I have now.

Now that I am in a combination of arts education, higher-ed administration, clerical, and theatre arts (I never know which box to check on surveys), I realize that I’m kind of a lazy person. I don’t really have job ambitions outside of being exceptional and indispensable wherever I work. Oh, and never having to dress up. If it’s not business casual, it’s not for me.

Sure, there are lots of jobs I’d love to have: full-time actor, company manager, responsible and admired celebrity, entertainment writer/critic, professional food-taster, seeing-eye-dog trainer. But the things we say we want to be when we grow up hardly ever stick with us. I once wanted to be the first female President b/c I thought it was the highest-paying job in the world. But now I just want to do my work, have time to surf the Internet a little, laugh a lot, and head home or out with friends. I guess I’m easily contented. Not a bad thing to be, even for an English major.

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glove said...

I always forget you weren't a theatre major.

verily, thou are contented! forsooth, that maketh me smile!