Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If I Had A Million Dollars...

Okay, so a million dollars isn't really that much money anymore, is it? Sadly, it's the truth. But this is one of my favorite fantasies when I'm having a bad day at work. But I'm greedy, so I'd like to win one of those $50 million lotteries. I'm getting off track here.

First off, I'd give a chunk of it to my brother. He's a financial advisor and is a whiz with money. So, I'd help make him a little bit more rich by giving him my investments. He'd enhance my already amazing portfolio with his brilliance and then maybe my fantasy of $50m would come true!

Then, I'd give some cash to my parents. They deserve it, right?

I'd throw a big party to celebrate my windfall and invite all of my friends from far and wide. It probably doesn't matter where the party is because we would all have so much fun being back together, but I'd like to think that I would want to have everyone in a nice location. So, Hawaii? St. Lucia? Anyplace tropical works for me.

Next, I'd use some of the money to buy a house. I've been a renter for quite a while and it is about time I become an adult and get a mortgage. It would be a lovely custom-built home on some water somewhere. With enough guest rooms for all of my family and friends. There would be a big porch with rocking chairs and a kitchen with marble countertops. Basically, it would be the opposite of the minute apartment I live in now.

Finally, I'd travel. I'd take Superman on a trip to anywhere he wishes. We could visit the far reaches of the world that are only a figment of our imaginations. We'd ride elephants in Asia, we'd kiss koalas in Australia, visit the beaches of South Africa, cruise get the picture.

Oh and one more thing. Unlike MSO Rin, I'd quit my job so fast that it would make the HR guy's head spin. Buh-bye.


Anonymous said...

Super Jane is actually the one who mentioned her job, but I see that having left quitting off of my to-do list is very telling. I don't think I WOULD quit my job if I had a cool mil to spend. B/c unless I used Wicked M's brother as my financial planner, it wouldn't last forever!

Wicked M said...

I'm getting forgetful in my old age! Sorry, Super Jane! I'll give credit where credit is due -- I admire the fact that you would keep your job.

But I'd never do it. :)

G said...

Me neither. I'd get a job, no doubt, but not this one. One that I'd like, one that I've had in the past - one that paid $200.00 a week. Heck, I'd even do it volunteer! That job? Naturalist at an Outdoor Education Center. With nights and weekends devoted to theatre. Aaaah, that would be the life!