Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Wonder How Goat-y I Really Am?

Like Super Jane, you’re looking at a stone-cold Cap. I’m not much of a “Mercury is in retrograde with the ascent of Sagittarius, and my rising planet is washed in one of the water signs” gal, but I do know the signs of my family and closest friends and how akin to those signs they are. So what about me? Do I think I fit the shaggy, rock-climbing, garbage-munching mold?

I love me the heck out of some
sweet and sassy zodiac tiles: they crack me up and I think that when I get really evil or angry (when my “devil horns” come out, as Wicked M and I like to say), I look a lot like that sassy goat—without the blingy bell. Let’s examine these two sides of the Cap coin, shall we?

Sweet: the three listed items I feel most aptly describe me are *canny, *steadfast, and *high standards. I think I’m pretty quick on my feet and am a good listener, and those two things make me canny. I’m nothing if not loyal, even when it’s obvious I need to let something/someone go and move on with my life … steadfast is me. I have sometimes impossibly high standards, especially when it comes to my interpersonal relationships and how I think people should behave. And these three things lead right into …

Sassy: I can often cling to those three sweet things and be too tenacious with them, making me *insatiable, * rigid, and *over-critical. OK, so “canny” and “insatiable” aren’t really related, but Super Jane said we Goats are supposed to be good at math, not synonyms. What happens when you’re unmovable, when you are so set in your ways you couldn’t possibly lean toward another place or idea? Yup, you get rigid. And the high standards that serve as my internal compass can vibrate at such a high frequency that I turn all judgey, even when I pretend not to be so.

I am a Capricorn through and through … I guess I just have to remember to shoot for the sweet tile more often than the sassy. But every once in a while, it’s good to be "simply irresistible"!

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Goat or noat, we love you Capricorns both just the same!