Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. OMG.

Chocolate.  Covered.  Gummy.  Bears.

Need I say more?

These little sweet treats are irresistible.  I typically go for savory treats over sweet ones -- I love me some popcorn -- but if I can get my hands on some of these little guys...there is no contest.

I love lots of different kinds of candy and chocolate covered gummy bears combine two of my favorites.  Gummy bears are just dandy (I especially love the mini ones!) and chocolate is divine.  Combine these two and you have a true masterpiece.  They are beyond addictive and I find myself eating all of them in my possession in one sitting.  It is like I cannot stop myself once I start.  They call out to me from the candy bowl.

Lucky for me, chocolate covered gummy bears are usually only found in specialty sweet shops and candy stores.  If I have to drive more than five miles to get them, I can usually convince myself it is not worth it.  They are also fairly expensive.  Convincing myself that spending $30 on candy is not a good financial plan is easy.  So I cut calories and the dent in my wallet by only allowing myself these little delights every once in a while.  My waistline thanks me.  My taste buds do not.

Go.  Go get them.  Now.  You will not regret it.

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super jane said...

I never knew these existed. How was I not aware? They sound truly divine, so perhaps it is best I've been kept in the dark all these years.