Monday, April 22, 2013

I Wonder What is My Favorite Memory of My Husband?

I pondered doing some kind of serious wonder - the Boston marathon bombing took the wind out of everyone's sails last week, and we could do some sort of homage.  But to be honest with you all, I'm weary of seriousness.  I could use a look toward positivity.  And to that end, I thought that - seeing as how all us Wonder Women have been married for a fair bit of time - we could wonder about our Hubsters.  (And if, for whatever reason, this ain't a good week to reminisce about your partner, pick another relative to Wonder about!)

I have a few silly memories of my husband.  But one of my favorites actually occurred many years ago, just before we were married.  We were visiting MSO Rin in her lovely home, and we'd had a few too many lemonades, as they say.  My husband, somewhat overstimulated by his surroundings out West, decided he was a cowboy.  He tipped a hat to the back of his head, and kept calling me "darlin'" and speaking a lasso-wranglin' drawl and walking/waddling as if he'd been riding a horse all day.  I do believe that the drinkies he had that night helped him live out a Willie Nelson fantasy of sorts - his heroes have always been cowboys.  (In fact, our dog is named for Wyatt Earp's brother.  Bet you didn't know that!)

Lots of water has passed under the bridge between now and then, but I'll never forget how I married a cowboy at heart.

What is your favorite memory of your other half?

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MSO Rin said...

Am I so old I totally forgot about this adorable little event? Sigh. I think I am.