Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amazing Gals

I must say, reading those kind words from my fellow WW makes me embarrassed.  I'm not very good at receiving compliments, so it was hard to take in their words.  I am, however, really good at dishing out compliments, so let's begin!

Wicked M - I applaud you for your transition to mommyhood.  You went from Power Professional who was really nervous (and I honestly can't stress "really" enough, folks!) about having a baby, to All Pro Mom with ease and grace.  I had a much harder time with "The Transition" and sincerely admire you and your ability to move from the work force to stay-at-home mom.  You are fierce when it comes to those you love - your family and close friends.  There is a protection and love that is incredibly evident with those you cherish most.

MSO Rin - Girl, you LIGHT up this world!  Your laugh, your smile, your presence -- the others hit the nail on the head when speaking of you.  You are a best friend to everyone you meet and have a way of making others feel included.  You have a zest for life and are always up for a good time.  While I feel my optimism and sunny outlook on life have faded over the years, your disposition has held firm.  I truly, truly admire you for that.  You have the ability to brush off the crappy things that come along and focus on the good.  That, my friend, is why I love you.

G Love - I am amazed by your drive and ambition.  You go after what you want out of life and don't let anything stand in your way.  I hesitate too much and think about the "what ifs."  You, sweet Love, don't see the "what ifs;"  you see where you want to be and go for it.  The fact that you do this simply boggles my mind and also makes me a bit envious.  You are brilliant and juggle a successful career, marriage, and mommyhood with finesse.  Seriously, you are a triple threat and maybe, sorta make the rest of us feel a bit inferior!  ;) 

I am so honored and blessed to call these three marvelous, accomplished, amazing women my friends.  

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