Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ups & Downs

Today's Ups
1.  It's Spring Break! Hooray! Peace and quiet!
2.  I have started filling my summer dance card and it's so very exciting. SPOILER ALERT: MSO Rin will get to visit her favorite Hoosiers in June. You heard it here first!
3.  There's a lovely bottle of Imagery WOW Oui in my fridge waiting to be enjoyed with a delicious dinner this evening. Now I just have to skeedaddle home and cook it.
4.  My gym-bunny buddy and I have made every workout date we've made so far this week and I think the rest of the wek will be just as successful.

Today's Downs
1.  It's Spring Break! Boo! I have to actually do all the busy work I've been putting off all semester (or in the case of one supremely dull project, the busy work I've been putting off for almost an entire calendar year)!
2.  I have known for a few months now that I wasn't going to make it to HC for our big ADPi celebration that's in 10 days, but it finally seems real since it's finally April. I will start planning now, therefore, to make sure nothing stands in the way of my attendance at a future class reunion. Anybody wanna decide which one that will be: 15 or 20?
3.  It's finally sunny around here (I'm wearing capri pants--oops, that's an "Up." Sorry for mixing my lists) and the call of the deck at a nice restaurant on the river is soooo strong ... and who wants to do dishes after a home-cooked meal? Yuck. Not this Wonder Woman!
4. Those gym dates have only been two in number, so don't think I'm Sydney Bristow or something.

I hope your list of Ups and Downs today was as hard to create as mine was. I really had to stretch to find some Downs.

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Wicked M said...

Woot woot! Coming to visit! Woot woot!!!