Wednesday, May 1, 2013


If I have to pick my fave,
My number-one go-to treat,
The one I love above the rest,
The candy that can’t be beat …
It wouldn’t take me long at all
To lift a loud, long hymn
Extolling all the virtues of
The mighty M&M.

Plain are lovely, classic, sweet;
Peanut will long endure;
But peanut butter M&Ms
Prove a universal cure
For any ache of heart or head
Or growling of the tummy:
Peanut butter M&Ms
Are magical and yummy!

I love that the candy shell crunches so quickly,
So the PB and chocolate can’t hide.
It’s a self-contained sphere of perfection
That a Reese’s cup can’t quite provide
(M&Ms don’t stick to paper
Or look waxy when they’ve gotten old;

They don’t make you lick all your fingers
And you’d be hard-pressed to make them grow mold).

To honor just PB M&Ms
How has a statue not been erected?
They cheer you up no matter why
You’re suddenly feeling dejected.
So here’s to PB M&Ms,
The easiest way to find bliss!
I have the strongest inkling
That Heaven looks like this.

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