Saturday, April 6, 2013

High Low

I actually attempted to type my high/low post a couple of times, but unfortunately my weeks - though usually contented - tend not to have much in the way of variety.  High/lows are more apt on weekend days for me - I just had nothing interesting to say about this week!

So, belatedly, I'm going to do a high low for my Easter weekend . . .  And I'm going to start with the lows, so we can end on a high note.

1. We had visitors, which meant that I was unable to do my normal laundry/cook for the week/run errands/catch up on a few hours of work.  That tends to leave me a little frantic and panicky when Monday comes, and adds a layer of frantic all through the week - if I don't have my week's meals cooked and the boys' breakfasts already set out and the laundry done and at least folded, if not put away . . . well, my weeks of being a "single mom" become a little out of control.

2. One of the children - I don't know which - got something sticky on my couch.  My New.  COUCH.

1. We had visitors!  And they included my tiniest baby niece, who was 5 pounds + at birth and is thus, at 3 months, still only about 11 pounds.  My boys were 11 pounds by their 2nd week of life - I have never been able to enjoy a delicate baby.  But this little girl is the most content, chill, happy, easygoing little 3 month old you've ever seen, and she's also very wee.  My heart sang.  (The boys were totally into her too, and have since been talking about us going out to buy a new baby for them.  Jake plans to name it "Strawberry Shortcake.")

2. I also got to see my 4 year old niece play with my sons, and they love each other so much.  It was fun.

3. I got to cook a big Easter meal with my brother in law, who loves to cook as much as I do.  We married non-cooking siblings, but luckily for those siblings, we are both whizzes in the kitchen.

4. I got to have a pedicure with my sister in law.  I've had only about a half dozen pedicures in my life, usually before I was in a wedding (although occasionally as a sisterly treat).  My SIL talked me into this one, and we had a fun afternoon.  I also now have pretty blue toenails.

So that was more like a sneaky way of telling ya'll about my Easter.  But there you go.  My post. A day late and a dollar short, but done!

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