Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why They're Wonderful, in One Word

super jane: Peace. You create it for your family (blood and bond), even amid hectic work and school schedules, and it spills out to soothe everyone else with whom you interact. You’re able to weather the extremes of life knowing your own soul. You relish faithfulness and bravery and that makes you calm and fearless—two essential attributes for the warrior-queen mother you are.

G Love: Poetry. Your life is full of it, often by your own subconscious design, and it glimmers underneath everything you say and do. You’re a Renaissance woman who fully imbues all the facets of day-to-day existence with depth and hope. You value art and nature and that makes you wise and beautiful—two necessary attributes for the fairy-teacher mother you are.

Wicked M: Panache. You effortlessly exude it, taking care to also be open and down-to-earth, and you fiercely encourage it in all your loved ones. You’re always authentic and original, sparkling with the ideal blend of thoughtfulness and mischievousness. You prize humor and heart and that makes you charismatic and supportive—two vital attributes for the pixie-champion mother you are.

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