Sunday, August 19, 2007

i wonder why my husband can't....

let me just preface this entry by saying that i have a fantabulous husband. seriously, he rocks. while we do have our differences (and we both agree that we are as different as night and day) and frustrations with each other, i think he's tops. the one thing, however, that i find myself wondering is why in the heck my husband doesn't see the state of our house for what it truly is - a pit.

i'm very adamant about a couple of things when it comes to keeping house and one of those things is that my kitchen must be spotless. i cannot have any dishes in the sink or clutter on my counters when i walk in the door after a long day at work. the sight of a dirty kitchen makes my stomach churn.

super jas has been a stay-at-home dad now for nearly 2 1/2 years. those first few months were rocky as we adjusted to our new roles. i expected the house to be neat and tidy when i returned from work and well...let's just say that he didn't understand that. many discussions arguments later, we finally got things settled. and while my house isn't spotless by any stretch of the imagination, my kitchen is. and when my kitchen is happy, i am happy.

i still don't understand though why he doesn't "see" the rest of the mess in our house! in my opinion, it's not that hard really. stepping over a million homeless puzzle pieces and a large, plastic, red and blue slide in order to get into the master bedroom is a good enough clue for me and yet, super jas refuses to see it. he doesn't see that the baby dolls and their 75 piece clothing wardrobe strewn across our sitting room need to be put away. he doesn't see the piles of laundry on our guest bed need to be folded and put in the girls' rooms. he doesn't see a million other things that slap me on the forehead each time i enter another room in our home.

in his defense, he's not lazy. if i ask him to, he will most definitely fold all of the laundry or vacuum the floor or do whatever else it is that i ask of him. he's very handy and is always doing maintenance jobs around the house -- fixing a leaky sink, installing a new water softener, changing light bulbs, working to located the squeak coming from under the hood of our car. and he's also very good at yard work and can spot a weed a mile away.

which leaves me to wonder why he can't spot the endless number of 'weeds' popping up in the middle of his own living room!?

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glove said...

I think if you point out that clutter is like weeds in the garden of life, he might start to get it. That, if I may dorkily say so, was a great metaphor. And hey - at least he's handy!