Thursday, August 9, 2007

How am I described?

I have it in a word – nice.

It’s ok. There are worse things I could be called.

People who know me really well would come out with some additional words, I’m sure, but invariably the first word that springs to someone’s mouth when describing me (I’ve heard it dozens of times) is that I’m nice. That is part of what drew Darlin’ to me, so he says. It’s what makes me pretty good at my current job, where I have to deal a lot with people (unhappy people, delivery people, people looking for a job, people who I’m firing, people who report to me who are my mother’s age, and on and on). It’s what sometimes gets me in trouble – I can get so afraid someone will think I’m NOT nice that I’ll fall all over myself and sometimes put my family and closest friends all out of sorts in order to make ridiculous and inappropriate concessions to someone who might look a little put out so that I can win the “Nicest Girl of the Year” award. At times like that being nice is a disadvantage, but sometimes it can be a deadly weapon. I deal with confrontations by out-nicing people. If you barge in line in front of me I’ll step back and make room for you, then strike up a conversation and be as genuine and sweet as pie and GUILT you into feeling bad and giving me my place back. I have sweet talked my way out of speeding tickets, into promotions, and through huge arguments, and won the day. Nice is me, and I am nice, and I used to want to be something more exotic like “strong-willed” or “no-nonsense” or “a real spitfire,” but now that I’ve lived with me for almost 29 years now, I’m ok with what I am.

Now, besides nice, here’s some other things. I’ll start with a couple of bad, but end on some good, because I’m trying to do a fair assessment here and there ain’t anybody in the world without some unattractive traits. OK, so the bad: kind of a know-it-all; kind of wishy-washy (I like to call it open-minded, but sometimes it’s just fence-sitting); obsessed with money and all things financial; lacking confidence and clear direction (aren’t we all, though?); competitive for attention, knowledge, money, love, just about everything else. And the good: adaptable, spontaneous, can get excited about truly anything (these all came from being a Navy kid – you have to be able to go with the flow when you move every 3 years); self-aware, outdoorsy, easy going, kind of a free spirit, makes an effort for her friends, and can get ready to go out in five seconds. As for looks - I’m the one with the long brown hair and dark brown eyes, average sized with a “trunk full of junk” that I’m not ashamed of (anymore) – that too helped me win my Darlin’s affections. I’m the olive-skinned one who doesn’t wear makeup, sometimes does her hair and sometimes doesn’t, dresses kind of sloppy but cleans up nice when she makes the effort. I’m the one in the tall shoes. I’m the one with the dangly earrings. I’m the one over there who looks like a really nice person.

Peace and love to you all - - - especially those of you about to write comments about how you describe me. Have I told you that you’re looking stunning today? Absolutely gorgeous. No seriously, have you lost weight?


super jane said...

when i think of you glove, the first thing that pops into my mind is 'talented.' you are so incredibly talented in so many areas. i have always been jealous of you and your singing/acting abilities. i wanted what you had back in college...and still do. you are amazing!!

oh, and really nice too.

MSO Rin said...

G Love: saintly, breathtaking, thoughtful, poetic, open-minded/-hearted.

Wicked M said...

I suppose I've always thought of you as angelic. With your stunning talent and carriage of self, you are an inspiration. I think you are generous and giving and kind.

When describing you physically, I always mention your gorgeous flowing locks of hair. And your lovely round face with the expressive eyes. Your eyes always make me think you've got the secrets to the universe in that mind of yours.