Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Wonder What I Couldn't Live Without...

Let me start by saying that I love how super jane laid down the law on Monday! I love that she is forcing us to be materialistic and that I now get to be materialistic without anyone judging me. So, here I am. Materialism and all.

There are three things that I couldn't live without. These three things bring me such happiness and joy that I almost can't explain it.

1. My Bear
2. My Camera
3. My Running Shoes

My Bear is a very old friend of mine -- so old in fact that I don't remember when I got him. He's just always been mine. Bear is a Care Bear, Friend Bear to be exact, and his fur is so worn that he is no longer the vibrant peach color of his cubhood. Now he is this sort of light brown, pinky-grey color. He's been through illnesses, junior high school drama, and surgeries. He's even got an ACE bandage wrapped around his right leg because he had knee surgery with me my freshman year of high school. I've slept with him for as long as I can remember and because of that, his nose is a little bit squished in. My husband, I am sure, thinks that I am crazy for still having Bear (no, he never had another name. Bear seemed quite obvious to me as a kid.) and I know he would prefer that I cast him off to the side as I fall asleep at night. No such luck. Bear stays and I don't know what I would do without him and his comforting cuddles.

My camera is a more recently acquired item, but I love it nearly as much as Bear. I've always had the dream of being a photographer and my husband is kind enough to encourage me. I got my fabulous camera at the beginning of this year and I've taken no less than eleventy million pictures since. I love to take pictures of people most of all, but I will take pictures of anything. Flowers, inanimate objects, animals, etc. I love seeing the world through my camera's eye and I love playing with effects. Film noir-esque shots take my breath away and vibrantly colored pictures that pop make me smile. I love capturing the perfect moment, the happiest smile, or the craziest face. I love giving people photos that they can treasure forever and can take them right back to that exact moment.

My running shoes are something that I really do love. Most people hate running or working out in general but that is not my sentiment at all. I love lacing up my shoes and taking off on a run. Running helps clear my mind, it helps me feel strong, and it plays perfectly into my competitive personality. My pretty running shoes keep my feet protected and I love the sound they make as I push off with my foot to take another step. That sound is the symphony that can carry me anywhere as I huff and puff through another mile. I could not live without it. Or my shoes.

***Other items that I seriously can't live without but didn't quite make the cut: trashy magazines, my computer, Cheetos!, my red leather high heels, strawberry margaritas, most candy, high thread count sheets, slogan t-shirts, modern medical marvels (hello, birth control pills!), and vacations.


super jane said...

i love how you added a few extra items to the end. i'm surprised cheetos didn't make the original cut. :)

Wicked M said...

I actually had Cheetos on the original list, but after much consideration, I decided that they were too obvious a choice. I decided to just go with actual things...but I HAD to mention the Cheetos at some point. :)