Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Wonder How Other People Describe Me?

This subject has always confounded me. I really do wonder how people would describe me. Initially, everyone is described how they look, so I suppose I'll start with that. I've never thought of myself as physically striking and I am certainly not what anyone would call gorgeous. I'm also clearly not the girl that any of my friends ever compared themselves to. However, I would assume that people would describe me as cute. They would also probably describe me as having short brown hair. I've always had shorter hair than all of my friends, so that is an easy thing to point out when describing me. I'm probably also described as tall since I am taller than the great majority of my friends and I would say I have an average build. I'm not fluffy, but I'm no stick figure either. The other physical characteristic that people would probably use to describe me has to do with my eyes. Typically, their color is called into question and I am constantly being asked if the color is real or enhanced. My eye color is real people and it does change almost every day. They go from super duper green to a hazel color depending on what I'm wearing. My dad's eyes do the same thing, so I can prove it is a reality.

As for how people describe outside of my physical characteristics, I'm stumped. I'd hope that people would describe me as warm and compassionate. I would also love to be described as funny and intelligent. I'm sure some people would describe me as opinionated and loud. I know that my family and closest friends would describe me as loyal and honest. A great majority of people would probably describe me as competitive and as an athlete (and more specifically, as a runner). Driven and stubborn are probably two words that my husband would use to describe me. He would probably also say that I am sweet and strange.

Like most of us, I guess I am a bit of everything. I'd like to think that we all share some of these characteristics and that is why we all get along so well. Share with me, friends. How would you describe me?


MissRancher said...

I would say:

You have to meet my friend, IA. She rocks! She's super cute, funny, smart, down to earth, so easy to get along with. We always have a blast hanging out!

And then I wouldn't say this, but I think it. Your eyes (while being hazel) are VERY expressive when you are telling a story, or mocking being exasperated, or whatever. It makes you a good story teller!

super jane said...

wicked m:
*'peter pan' cute, cute, cute!! everyone i know that knows you always says, "wow! she's super cute." plus, i know several boys who have secret crushes on you.
*comfortable with yourself - both inside and out

MSO Rin said...

Wicked M: sexy (someone else gave me that one, but I objectively concur), funny, mesmerizing, unstoppable, independent.

glove said...

unstoppable is good - and I always thought you were a showstopper in the looks department. So tall, so athletic, perfect skin, and yes, the haircut is short, but you really rock it. Always polished. Other than looks - well, you're a sentimental sweetie and don't try to deny it. yes, loyal too. passionate yet practical. funny and loud, but not obnoxious, which is a tricky balance! finally - you are brave and unselfish, something I admire. ;)