Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Wonder How I'm Described?

Unlike super jane, I’ve not had the pleasure of overhearing myself be described. Like super jane, I work in higher education and students often can’t remember my name if they’re new to the department. I do hear, “Um … I talked to … um … oh, her!” b/c I’ll just come out of my office and put the youngster out of his misery. So without the help that eavesdropping can provide on this entry, what do I think people say about me?

I’m the blonde at the end of the hall. I’m the person who can help when you can’t find your advisor or you want to change your major. I’m the woman who goes to every single production in town (except for one company I refuse to patronize no matter what) in which a faculty/staff/student participates. I’m The Boy’s wife. I’m Shorty’s oldest daughter. I’m Kat’s big sister. I’m the chick w/the really loud laugh. I’m that girl who used to infuriate her sorority sisters by complaining about how fat she was when she so obviously wasn’t (WonderWomen, I’m still really sorry about that).

I think I’m probably described as “fairly small.” I’m not tall, but I’m not particularly petite or thin or anything. My hair is (just barely still) blonde and I have blue eyes. We all hate it, but we all know that when you’re describing someone, the first thing you talk about is that person’s appearance. So I’m “average.” I certainly don’t have striking looks or a keen fashion sense. But I do try to always be clean and make sure my socks match.

I think it’s safe to say that people will describe me as “nice” ... maybe even “chatty.” I am quite shy; to compensate for that, I’m often over-jovial and talkative with strangers and recent acquaintances—probably to an annoying degree, but once I get started, I find it very hard to stop. One way I hope I’m described is “smart.” I take pride in doing my job very well and as you know, I’m a fount of useless knowledge (thank you, high-school academic team!). I don’t have a lot of common sense, so don’t ask me for directions anywhere, but I feel that I can convey my intelligence pretty well. I think it’s pretty obvious when the person you’re talking to is an idiot, so I hope it’s clearly communicated that I actually do have a college degree. I hope I’m never described as “boring.” That would be one of my worst nightmares come true.

Verdict time! What say you, dear readers? Am I the enigma I imagine myself to be, or can you accurately describe me in five notes?


Wicked M said...

I could describe you in one note: re (as in a drop of golden sun!).

But I'll go ahead and use some words to describe you too! I think you are witty, the center of all attention, whip smart, and the keeper of a very loud laugh. You're loyal, gorgeous in a way that I would describe as "old school" (and that is a good thing!), and faaaaaabulous.

Love fest...OVER!

super jane said...

mso rin:

*a friend to all
*always up for a good time

glove said...

my turn!

*loyal friend - absolute A#1.
*the life of every party, even the one down the street that she isn't invited to nor is she attending but somehow it's more fun just cuz she's a few steps away and they can hear the infamous rin laugh somewhere in the distance
*the laugh. yes my dear, you are the laugh and the laugh is you, and we love it!
*beautiful and stylish blond. i still remember *that* dress, you know, the one from college Beta formal?? oh yes, you were (and continue to be) elle mcpherson in the flesh.
*practical, yet idealistic; witty as sh**; lover of all art; fun and too too far away