Monday, August 13, 2007

i wonder why i'm so afraid of _______________.

i guess there are lots of things that i'm still afraid of. and many of them are stupid things really, but i'm scared of them nonetheless. like mice for instance. i'm terrified of those little, furry rodents. the really weird thing is that i used to have a pet mouse growing up. he was a white mouse with beady red eyes and a nasty tail. his name was peanut and he ended up dying from a number of tumors that slowly covered his body. gross. anyway, i didn't mind peanut, so why am i terrified of them now? (and let me just point out that 'afraid' is much too passive when describing my fear of mice/rats/any rodent really. 'terrified' is much more like it. i'm most definitely terrified of them.)

i think the reason why i'm very terrified of mice is because i know they have much larger relatives called rats. and when i think of rats, i think of nasty sewer rats that i've seen documentaries on. they scare the holy living hell out of me. and i'm not even kidding. just the fact that a rodent can grow to be the size of my toddler is enough to freak me out. unfortunately, this fear trickles down to the lesser mouse and even the mere thought of one makes my heart pound.

those little buggers are fast too and i hate that. i hate knowing that something can chase me...and get me. again, i shouldn't fear the little mice, but i do b/c of their big daddy relatives. if a rat caught me, it could chew my leg off and that seriously frightens me. and i know they can chew my leg off too because i saw the documentary, you see. they can. they really can.

obviously, i perceive mice/rats to be disease ridden creatures. they did help spread the bubonic plague after all. i think a lot of it goes back to the sewer rats again. they eat some seriously nasty shtuff. when i see a mouse, i get this awful image of it eating all sorts of filth and dead animals...and dead people even. it's just too much.

i know my fear may be unfounded and irrational. and for this, dear peanut, i apologize. i've never had a bad experience with mice. to be honest, i've only ever had nice encounters with mice before. unfortunately, though i doubt i'll ever get over my fright of these nasty, beady, toothy creatures. you just never know when you might find yourself being chased through the streets by a rat who is attempting to bite your leg off in order to infect you with the bubonic plague. you just. never. know.


Wicked M said...

I'm not laughing at your fear of the mice/rats. I'm laughing at how you explain the fear. Hysterical. It's hard to argue with the documentary evidence, so I'll just say this. Mice and rats are gross. And I've never even seen the documentary!

glove said...

gaaak. I'm sitting at my desk at work and fighting the urge to pick up my feet off the floor. I've never seen a mouse here yet . . . but you never know.

super jane said...
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super jane said...

unfortunately, we have had mice in our office because some stupid people leave snacks at their desk. nothing like an open invitation to all rodents. one did fly through the kitchen in my old office area and i promptly jumped on top of the counter and continued to flip out. i ran into my office, shut the door and told my boss to let me know when it was safe to come out. ugh. they give me the heeby-jeebies.