Thursday, August 9, 2007

i wonder when i turned into my parents.

i'm not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere, somehow i morphed into a strange combination of my parents. it's not a bad thing by any means, but it is a bit freaky. i always saw traces of my grandparents in my folks growing up -- the way they handled various situations or the phrases they would say -- it all pointed back to my grandparents. and now here i am, slowly but most assuredly turning into my own parents.

i wonder if my girls can tell yet.

i've always looked like my mother. she always looked like her mother and she like her mother and on up the family tree. my parents have a painting of my great-grandmother (whom we adored and lovingly called 'mom howey') hanging above the fireplace mantel in their living room. my great-grandmother was about 3 at the time and if you didn't know any better, you'd swear on your life that it was a painting of me - right down to the cocked head and crooked smile. it's kind of neat to know what i'll look like when i'm 80. i just need to look at a picture of mom howey and i'll know for sure. as the years have passed, i have slowly begun to take on the likes of my mom. what astounds me most is when i look at my hands. my hands are a carbon copy of my mom's and when we're together, i'll hold her hand and glimpse down at them. her skin is just a tad bit thinner than mine, but everything else is an exact match - our fingernails even have the same grooves and ridges on them. i like that. i love my mom and think she is a very beautiful woman. i used to roll my eyes when people would comment on how much i looked like her. but now, i say 'thank you' and realize exactly what a compliment it is.

i look nothing like my dad or his side of the family. what i have taken on, however, are his style of discipline and mannerisms. there are times when i nearly laugh when i'm scolding my own girls. from out of nowhere, i'll begin to speak very slowly. very quietly. and through gritted teeth, i'll sharply say, "do. you. understand. me?" or "i will not tolerate that kind of behavior." or my absolute favorite "for cryin' out loud!" my sister and i recently discussed my dad's way of discipline one night over a card game. we were in stitches recalling all of the things my dad said or the manner in which he said them. and now my sister and i are continuing the long line of slow-talking disciplinarians in the family. it's quite comical to me, actually.

i'm proud to be turning into my folks. they are marvelous people and phenomenal parents. i have been very blessed to have had them as role models in a number of areas. they've taught me how to be a good person, maintain a happy marriage, and raise 2 well adjusted young women. so as the clock ticks and the mirror turns me a bit older, i'll delight in knowing that where i'm headed is a beautiful place in all aspects of life. i know that i'm carrying on the physical appearances and idiosyncrasies of my ancestors far back into the upper branches of our family tree. and i certainly hope that i am able to leave my mark on the generations to come.

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Marcie Muensterbee said...

buwahhahaha!! i completely can relate!! :)