Friday, August 3, 2007

I Wonder What My Last Meal Would Be?

Thanks to reader NJaney for a FFAF topic for me (FFAF, I think you all know, is Free For All Friday).

It’s 2021. I’m 43. I’m caught red-handed attempting to assassinate a well-known American politician (who also happens to be a, well, a really bad person) in a far away, unknown country. Although my mission was assigned to me by my employer the CIA (didn’t you know?), when I am extradited to my own country for trial the CIA denies my existence and I realize they’ve set me up for a patsy. I’m tried, convicted, and sentenced to hang at dawn. They give me the slip of paper on which I write my last meal request. What do I choose?

Oh, man. Well, let’s see, I love me some filet mignon. Tasting a medium rare juicy pink filet, wrapped in bacon, tender and practically mooing, is like angels crying on your tongue. That with a salad of crisp Romaine, carrot shavings, chunks of bleu cheese and diced hard-boiled eggs, baked potato with tons of butter, salt and pepper, and a hot yeast roll with honey butter – accompanied by a Blue Moon beer with an orange in it. Dessert would be an ever so slender slice of cheesecake, drowning under a sea of juicy raspberries, with a tiny glass of dessert wine. That could do me.

Or. My mama’s lasagna, mmm grazie. Sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, layers and layers of light sheets of pasta with mushrooms and cheeses and meats all mixed up in it. A crusty French loaf with olive oil and balsamic to dip it in, and asparagus just tossed into boiling water for a minute, with oil and salt and pepper drizzled on top – round it out with a glass of pinot noir, finish it off with a cup of lemon gelato and an espresso, and I’d die happy.

Well, of course there's my favorite English meal. Sausage and mash, with the thick heavy English sausage, and mounds of garlic butter mashed potatoes, drizzled with onion gravy. Sweet peas would be my side, along with a Killian's draught in a genuine old English pint glass, and of course HP Brown sauce to dip it all in. I'd finish it off with chocolate bread pudding with custard and an Irish coffee, oh yes.

But no. No no no, it must be coconut shrimp, skewered and grilled, crispy on the outside and hot and tender on the inside. With jasmine rice, hot conch fritters, and thick slices of sweet potato, green pepper, onion, and yellow squash, grilled on a rosemary stick for flavor. I’ll take that with a margarita, on the rocks, extra salt, the way I like it (along with MSO Rin, who introduced me to the best, no, the ONLY way to have a margarita). Dessert would be a thick slab of coconut cake with chocolate sauce for dipping, and a coffee with plenty of full cream and a spoonful of sugar.

Oh my god. I am so hungry. I have to stop before I eat my shoe. Have a great weekend - peace and love to ya! G

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super jane said...

i love, love, love how each meal is accompanied by an alcoholic beverage. mmmmmm....