Monday, August 27, 2007

i wonder what 3 things i couldn't live without...

i want to lay down a few guidelines for my fellow ww. this topic is not about our husbands or our children or our pets. it's not about needing love or peace or any other type of feel good idea. this is all about the materialistic side of life. three items that we possess that we absolutely could not live without. got it, ladies? ;) okay, good. now let's proceed.

the three things that i could not live without are ...

1) my boppy
2) my watch
3) a ponytail holder

let's begin at the top. i love my boppy. yes, a boppy, that bizarrely shaped pillow that most use for breastfeeding. i received a boppy as a baby shower gift for my second daughter. and while i never did breastfeed her, it's been one of my favorite gifts ever. i use it as my pillow at night and it is beyond divine. it cradles my head and supports my neck just so. no more sleepless nights due to a lumpy pillow. no more waking in the middle of the night to readjust said lumpy pillow. no, those days are long gone. with my boppy, i get a perfect night's sleep every. single. night. it is pure heaven! unfortunately for me, my oldest daughter began sleeping with it during nap time and now, she too understands the glorious sleep that it brings. as a result, my boppy has now become her boppy. she just loved it so much, so being the selfless, giving mother that i am, i gave it to her. i told her though that she had to ask for one for her birthday so that i could have mine back. which she did. and her birthday is in 2 weeks. the countdown has begun.

my watch is another thing that i could not possibly live without. i love my watch and must have it on during every waking moment. i'm such a time watcher and worrier over departure and arrival times that my husband once made me take it off while we were on vacation. we headed to disney world one year while we were in college and when we arrived he said, 'okay, give me your watch.' i was stunned and protested, but he eventually won out. he knew that i would be so worried about staying on some sort of schedule that we would have no fun at all. i hate to say it, but i'm sure he's right. i am a definite time watcher and scheduler. i do the exact same things at the exact same time every day. it's awful, but i just can't stop. ocd, anyone?

the one thing i love about having long hair is that i can throw it into a ponytail (or 'pretty' as we call them it in our home) to keep it out of my face. when i had short hair, i honestly missed my ponytail. now that my hair is well passed my shoulders, i love my ponytail even more. most days, i wear my hair down to work. when i get home though, i change into my comfy clothes and my hair gets pulled back. i love the way it feels and looks. a tasseled ponytail is perfect for me. i can't do headbands (although my 4 yr old can rock them out like nobody's business) or barrettes (the same rockin'-ness can be said about my 2 yr old when it comes to barrettes). the hair style of choice for me is most definitely a ponytail.

there is no doubt that i love me some boppy, some watch, and some ponytail and to think of life without them is pure madness to me! here's hoping i never have to experience life without them or somebody will have to pay!


Wicked M said...

The visual of you sleeping on a boppy is hysterical. For some reason, it makes me giggle.

I would love to have a ponytail! Do you know of any magical "make my hair grow faster" elixir? I'll pay top dollar!

You're a hoot.

super jane said...

"Do you know of any magical "make my hair grow faster" elixir?"

no, but you can buy one of those pre-made ponytails at the kiosk in the mall. those things are hot.