Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They Asked Me How I Knew My True Love Was True

The Boy and I met at work. I don’t remember what our first conversation was about, but I remember the first thing he ever said to me was that I should probably have a dust mask on b/c of the work I was doing with spray adhesive. Whatta guy … safety first!

Flirting flirting, group drinking after prepping for a big Rat-Pack-style fundraiser for the theatre, more flirting, he has a girlfriend?!?, I’m dating someone (who turns out to have lied about his age in an unforgivable number of years if you weren’t really into him, which I wasn’t), more flirting, blah blah blah, first date!

We were at the Jillians at Opry Mills, having a drink in the
bowling alley alcove. It was one of those cute almost-not dates where he wasn’t quite brave enough to ask me out solo, so we had a couple of friends along and they mysteriously disappeared about five minutes after we got to the arcade game area.

So. There we are, in the Hi-Life Lounge, not drinking our drinks b/c we’re talking and laughing so much we don’t have time for anything else. We talked about theatre, of course, and Memphis and Mule Town and college … and discovered we’d both studied in England around the same time. And had flown home on the same flight one week apart. And somehow, it got pretty deep pretty fast, and I found out that, just like me, he didn’t think he wanted kids and didn’t believe in divorce.*

And then we both got quiet and he took a drink of his Long Island and looked around at the hipster bowlers, trying to decide if he wanted to ask me if I wanted to play a game (luckily, he didn’t ask. I’d have said yes, and then would have discovered that he is the worst. Bowler. Ever. EVER.). And while he looked around, I looked at him, and I was just flooded with peace and excitement and just a tiny bit of abject terror because I realized …

I’m looking at my husband.

I am going to marry this man.

I’m falling in love.

I will never have to date again.

Just like that. After one kiss, after one week of knowing him, after one-half of one date.

So how did I know? I don’t know. I just did. It was like looking out the window and thinking, “It’s going to be such a beautiful day today” or getting up and knowing exactly what cute outfit you’re going to wear or setting about baking cupcakes you know are going to taste just perfect. It simply was … how my life would be.

How it still is.

*These are internal positions on both our parts. We do not judge others for their reproductive or marital decisions. Just b/c I don’t plan to do something doesn’t mean I would presume to tell someone else she can’t either.


glove said...

good thing you put up that disclaimer, beeyotch, or i would've had to go postal on your a$$.

just teasin'. This story makes me cry a little bit. Every time.

Wicked M said...

This is such a cute entry and topic! There are so many little parts to this story that I find utterly adorable so I will not mention any specifically. I am just happy we have all found men that are so perfectly matched to us.

Why the disclaimer? I always figured that everyone was against divorce until there were no other options? Also? No need to worry about offending others with your no kids policy. Breeders can suck it! KIDDING. I'm KIDDING, people.

MSO Rin said...

Well, saying "I don't believe in divorce" sounds extreme and judge-y when just typed. I didn't want anyone to think that I am Catholic or anything.

B/c we all know that Lutherans rule and Catholics drool.


kaycee said...

Isn't it kinda creepy- that knowing thing?