Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Give Them Up? Never!

I really hate to admit this but I am fairly high maintenance when it comes to beauty products. I am chalking it up to my super special sensitive skin and not my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Due to my super special sensitive skin, I have a special body wash, a special body lotion, a special face wash, and a special facial lotion. Nothing screams, "Hi! I'm High Maintenance!" more intensely than my shower stuffed with products.

In thinking about which product I could never ever ever live without, I came to one conclusion. Honestly, that one conclusion was this: I do not want to even consider a world in which I can only have one beauty product. Alas, that is not what this entry requires of me so I will play by the rules - but not without telling you why I love all of my super special items so dearly.

I am obsessed with moisturizing. Obsessed. The minute I get out of the shower in the mornings, I slather my entire body with Curel Fragrance Free lotion. Slather. Otherwise, my skin starts to feel a little bit like snakeskin. Snakeskin is not attractive on a human and it is very uncomfortable to be itchy and dry. So far, this lotion is the one thing that manages to keep me moisturized for hours and it also seems to not make my skin itchy, rashy, and all over sensitive-y.

To continue the theme of moisturizing, I love my facial lotion. I use a combo of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and another lotion that is my super secret weapon. After washing my face in the shower or washing my face before I go to bed at night, I slather my face in lotion. I totally believe that my slathering on of facial lotion is the single thing that is keeping me from looking 300 years old. Seriously, my love of the sun is unprecedented. So, facial lotion, I love thee so!

My face wash and body wash are both Aveeno brand and I was introduced to them by an allergist. Basically, I was told that I was allergic to everything on planet Earth and that nothing would calm my eczema outside of these two products and, well, I listened. I use the Skin Relief Fragrance Free body wash and the Positively Radiant Facial Cleanser. The body wash keeps me from being all itchy and the face wash seems to keep my skin fairly clear. I love these two products so much that when I do find them in stores, I tend to buy two or three bottles of each at a time. Seriously, panic starts to set in if I am running low and cannot find any in the local Target.

I also love my make-up, my hair mousse (to amp up my lifeless hair!), razor. Oh! And my shower fluffy! And my tweezers! And perfume! And, and...

But even after all of this, the one beauty product that I could never live without? Bonne Bell Lip Smacker (strawberry flavor). Dudes, it is the greatest thing ever!


MSO Rin said...
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MSO Rin said...

HAHAHA! You're awesome. If I had had to guess what you were going to say, I would have guessed lotion. So I was close and yet so far ...

I never let myself buy Bonne Bell (or Carmex, either) b/c I saw how my friends spiraled into addiction over it and it made me nervous.

Also, I'm the girl who used to taste Bath & Body Works lotion b/c it just smelled SO good. If I'd ever had any Raspberry LipSmackers or Dr Pepper LipSmackers, I'm sure I'd have eventually just cranked up the whole tube and eaten it like a Tootsie Roll Pop: a-whuhn, a-tooo, a-thlleee, [CRUNCH].