Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's My Beauty Must-Have?

I often forgo makeup on the weekends … it’s pretty liberating, as long as I’m wearing sunglasses most of the time and never ever shop for clothes or look at myself in a clean window. Once every couple of weeks, I go to bed w/out washing my face on a Friday night (I know! HORRIBLE!). Sometimes I skip washing my hair (I have a friend who promises me that if I will just wash it every other day, it will stop being greasy on the day off and it’s what is really healthiest for my hair. I make faces at her and tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She’s only an MFA in costume design with a specialty in wigs/hair/makeup. Puh-leez.) I moisturize at least once a day, but once it’s done, I usually forget about it until the next day. My razor and I are friendly, but we don’t have a daily appointment. I rarely paint my fingernails (I swear they start to get smothered when I do and it just doesn’t feel right).

So do I even have anything I have to have? A beauty product/routine I’ll whither away without? Oh yes. And I have no one but a maternal great-uncle to thank.

I have his eyebrows.

I don’t know how it happened (well, I mean, I do … I studied the transfer of traits in middle-school biology like everybody else). My mom and my sister have beautifully shaped, arched, and thin eyebrows that don’t even need a brow brush. But I don’t have that option. If I don’t indulge in the luxury of having my eyebrows done, all the cleanliness and moisture and makeup and even adorable outfits won’t help. I have two caterpillars crawling across my brow bone, and they’re in no hurry to inch off to the nearest leafy garden. When I don’t make regular appointments with my esthetician M. (I just cheated on her with stylist J. on Friday … shh, don’t tell!), I start to feel furry and furrowed and generally grumpy. And start to look like Grumpy, too.

When I leave an appointment, I can go for days without eyeshadow and still look fresh and awake and polished. I feel happy and girly and smell like tea-tree oil. Yum.

So you can take away my concealer, my John Frieda Blonde styling gel and hair dryer, even my Care Deeply (wait! Just let me … get … a little … OK. There. Proceed.). But please, please don’t make me stop waxing. Trust me … it’s NOT. PRETTY.


34 Years said...

This is a hard Wonder. Out of everything I use daily the one things that makes me crazy if I don't have it on me is lotion. Specifically hand lotion.

I use it all day - and at this point if I wash my hands and there's no lotion around I swear I can feel them cracking as they dry and wither. It drives me nutty.

That's not to say I don't love my mascara, lip balm, all the scrubs and gels and wonderfully fragrant things that live in my shower...cuz I do. I'm a girl after all.

But for me, it's all about the lotion. Any kind, I play no favorites.

Anonymous said...

My eyebrows are not so much caterpillars as two long lost lovers, desperate to meet over the bridge of my nose.

You have lovely eyebrows. Your esthetician got skillz.

kaycee said...

Oh those caterpillars.

My friend hans once intentionally cut his beautiful chestnut hair into a billy ray mullet as a kind of performance art/social experiment.

If I were to pay you lots of money, would you let them grow, just to see how woolly they truly are?

MSO Rin said...

N. O.

Just whip out a family album from pre-1997.