Monday, July 28, 2008

i wonder what beauty product i couldn't live without?

there is only one beauty product that i absolutely cannot live without. i can go without moisturizer...i can go without shaving my legs...i can even go without make-up. but, i cannot and will not go without my face wash.

for whatever reason, after i gave birth to my oldest daughter, my skin literally freaked out. i never really had a problem with acne growing up. sure, i'd get a few pimples every now and again like any normal girl, but it wasn't a serious issue. i think the skin gods decided that since i had it fairly easy as an adolescent, they would make up for it during adulthood.

after i had little mama, my skin got bumpy. i didn't have zits, just a ton of bumps covering my forehead and cheeks. i wasn't thrilled with this new hormonal change (i wasn't thrilled with a lot of hormonal changes, but that's another blog for another day...), but i wasn't sure what to do. i thought about purchasing proactiv as i knew some sorority sisters in college who had success with it. i just didn't have the extra funds to purchase it. i tried a few over-the-counter cleansers and finally found one that worked for me.

i am forever in love with (and indebted to) neutrogena oil-free acne wash. seriously, this stuff is amazing! within a week of using it, i began to see a noticeable difference in my bumpy skin. the bumps on my cheeks completely disappeared and the bumps on my forehead became few and far between. i've been using this neutrogena wash for a couple of years now and cannot live without it. as crazy as it sounds, i can feel a difference in the bumpiness of my face if i even skip using it for one night.

i just realized that i'm starting to sound like a commercial, so i think i'll stop singing praises to neutrogena now. so, in closing, i will use my bubbly, commercial voice to say, "neutrogena oil-free acne face wash has renewed my confidence and given me a new lease on life!!!! so, if you suffer from bumpiness like i did, rush to your nearest drug store and try it for yourself. i'm confident in this product and know that you will not be disappointed!"

(cheezy grin)
(that's a wrap.)

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