Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That Moment

I met my husband because I had needed validation for my whining. Truly. It is safe to say that I was bitter about boys by the time I met my husband. I had spent years going from lengthy monogamous relationship to lengthy monogamous relationship and none of those men were for me. I dated every liar, manipulator, and loser west of the Atlantic and clearly was not having good luck in the romance department. I found myself single for the first time during my mid-twenties. I hated every single second of it, mostly because it was during this time that nearly all of my friends got married.

I became the token single friend at events and had to eat my catered dinner with a smile plastered on my face wondering when my Prince Charming would be coming along. I was thrilled for my friends but doubted that anyone ever really "just knew" that someone was right for them. Surely it could not be that easy. I used my mastery of sarcasm to answer questions like, "So, will you be next?" and "When will you be walking down the aisle, dear?". The bouquet toss was the bane of my existence. It was a lonely time in my life.

I finally signed up for eHarmony because I wanted to be able to say that I was doing something, anything, to help my love life. I was matched with a ton of men (who I am sure are all very nice and normal, NOT) and I even went on a few dates with boys I met on the site. They were, ah, interesting people, to say the least. I had nearly given up on "the harm" when I found myself matched to someone different.

When I first saw the picture of my husband, I was instantly drawn to him. I thought to myself, "Oh he looks like a nice guy. I could be friends with him!". And then I read his profile. His answers were nearly identical to mine -- from what we liked to do on Friday nights to the last book we had read. I knew we would have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. We rushed through the various stages of communication on the site and then he wanted to talk to me on the phone. I made a game time decision and told him that I thought we should meet in person instead. He agreed and we settled on a place and time.

I probably told 673 people where I was going to be that night in case of a "situation" (code for I have been abducted and I was last seen at...). As I drove up to the pub, I was talking to my best friend on the phone. I have no recollection of what I said, but I have no doubt that it was something bitter about how this guy would probably turn out to be like all the rest. I walked up to the front of the pub and saw this man standing at the entrance. He was leaning casually against a column and had his arms crossed. I believe it was at this moment that I said to my BFF, "Oh, he's cute! Gotta go." I may have even hung up on her, I do not remember.

This man took off his sunglasses, gave me an easy smile and leaned in for a hug. The hug was comfortable and easy. I knew the moment that I saw his smile that he was going to be someone special. This man held the door for me (he does this all the time, but he says this time was mostly so he could check out my butt) and let me choose what booth we sat in. We sat through drinks and then dinner and talked for hours. We closed the place down. We found that we had so many things in common, so many things we wanted to do together, so many things we both loved. At one point, he reached across the table to touch my arm and that was the moment.

It was like electricity shot through my arm and I can honestly say that I had a moment of shock. What?? This is happening? This really happens??? This guy? This guy was my husband? Oh, but yes. And just like that, I knew. His tender touch was what told me that he would promise to walk beside me always and that he would always be kind, tender and compassionate. And he does. And he is.


MSO Rin said...

HA! I am so glad you got your comeuppance about doubting those who "just knew" before you ... and that you were able to have that sweet and inexplicable moment all your own.

PS: You didn't hang up on me, but pretty close. And I didn't mind a bit.

YAY for Superman! He caught himself one fine babe!

glove said...

Sigh and sniffle and etc.etc.

Incidentally - your first date wasn't at OTB, was it?