Monday, July 14, 2008

i wonder if i'll ever get a(nother) tattoo...

i've always wanted a tattoo. i've always thought it would be awesome to have some sort of symbol inked into my back or foot. something that described me. something that displayed my personality and loves in life. what has stopped me from pursuing this dream of mine? that would be none other than my fantastically straight-laced husband, super jas.

we started dating when i was a mere 18 years old, so super jas grabbed a hold of me not shortly after i escaped my parents' grasp. i knew that my life would be in danger if i ever got a tatoo while i lived under my parents' roof. they were adamant about no tattoos, crazy hair colors or anything else that was considered rebellious. in fact, my most rebellious move in high school was getting my ear pierced up on the top of my ear. i did it sans parental permission and was fully expecting a good talking to when i displayed it. but rather than reprimand me, the first thing my dad did was raise my shirt to see if my belly button was pierced. (i later pierced my belly button in college on spring break in myrtle beach and casually mentioned it to them when i returned home.) obviously, i had zero support for my tattoo dream while growing up.

i thought perhaps my luck would change in college. maybe i'd meet a guy with a tattoo and he could take me to the tattoo parlor he frequented. i'd have his tattoo artist create something marvelous for me and i'd be branded for life. but instead of meeting my tattoo clad dream, i met super jas, who is the absolute farthest thing from being tattoo clad - or rebellious. i mentioned to him a few times that i'd love to get a tattoo and each suggestion was met with a disapproving look and a head shake. 'no way,' he said. i feel sometimes like super jas is an extension of my father. for crying out loud, he's my husband! isn't he supposed to want for me what i know is best for myself? where is the support? i still mention my desire for a tattoo every now and again and super jas still disagrees.


i scoured a few tattoo websites just to see what was out there and to see if anything caught my eye. indeed, i found an awesome ambigram that spelled 'walk by faith.' they also had a few others that i liked, but the 'walk by faith' tattoo stuck out. if i ever get a tattoo, i want it to mean something. to represent something. to be a part of me and who i am. i think the phrase 'walk by faith' is a pretty accurate summary of how i've lived this life of mine.

i could go ahead and get my 'walk by faith' tattoo without telling super jas, but he would be beyond LIVID with me. a tattoo just isn't worth the marital unrest. but maybe when we're 90 and he's old and senile, i'll have a rockin', rebellious girlfriend (ahem...tara) in the old folks home with me who'll encourage me to finally fulfill my dream. and together, we'll head to the tattoo parlor where she'll hold my hand while i endure the pain. after it's complete, we'll catch the shuttle back to the old folks home where i'll reveal my new adornment to super jas. he'll smile, give me a kiss, nod and think 'ah, what the heck. life is too short not to have a little more fun.'


34 Years said...

I've always wanted a tatoo, but have no idea what means that much to me that I would adhere it to my skin. So I haven't. If I had kids I might get their birthdates...or something like that.

My friend has a large tatoo on her lower back, that was designed by a boy who drew it on there. They broke up ages ago. But she still likes the tat.

Another friend has a circular symbol tatooed around her belly-button, and two kids later it's still intact, and circular - which is pretty amazing! Good genes!

super jane said...

thank goodness i never got a belly tattoo. i can't imagine how nasty and disgusting it would look. the hole where i had my belly button pierced looks pretty bad after my girls. it's like my belly button caved in during pregnancy and the skin around it is all wrinkly and gross. okay, enough of the imagery. my apologies to those of you who just puked on your shoes.

Wicked M said...

super, your comment cracked me up. It did not make me want to throw up on my shoes.

Also? If Superman ever told me not to do something, it would immediately propel me to do exactly that. I guess that is what almost ten years of living on my own has created -- a beast who will not be told what to do. HA.

I actually think that not having a tattoo is cool these days. Luckily, you are all safe and COOL. :)

T Pea said...

Oh, you people are making me want a(nother) tattoo!! Maybe a tramp stamp? I bet the guys at the tattoo parlor would toss my lumpy 34-year-old a** out the door if I asked for one of those.

Maybe we should go out and re-pierce our belly buttons, just for old times' sake. ;)