Monday, July 7, 2008

i wonder what the most annoying traits in a coworker are?

i have a coworker who is driving me absolutely crazy. she just started here about a month ago and i'm so irritated with her all the time. as a bit of therapy for myself, i thought i would list a few of those incredibly annoying things that she does (and throw in a few random others for funsies.)

1) she laughs when she talks. she doesn't just talk like a normal person. she chuckles while she's talking to anyone about anything. she converses in a sing-songy voice that my preschool teacher used back in the day.

2) she feels altogether way too comfortable here. she just started, folks, and she acts like she owns the place. it took me nearly a year to feel comfortable enough in this business to speak during a meeting. she was throwing out suggestions and comments about things that she has no clue about during her first ever staff meeting.

3) she's a butt kisser. a total and complete butt kisser. i'm all about making friends with the boss and being buddy-buddy with her, but this chick takes it to the next level.

4) she's so loud when she giggle-talks. i'm not sure if she's loud by nature or if she's trying to make us aware of the fact that she's talking with so-and-so about whatever program it is she's learning about. TONE IT DOWN, SISTER.

5) there's another girl in our office that always says the following phrases: 'my gut tells me that _________' and 'typically, we___________'

6) we have a guy here who talks about his wife all. the. time. he tells me how people tell him how cute she is and how sweet she is and how everyone loves her. i know her from college and she is a sweet, adorable girl, but i don't need to hear it on a daily basis, you know? oh, and his newborn daughter? she's a genius and the most adorable baby you've ever seen. really. just ask him.

7) i used to work with a guy who never picked up the phone to talk. he always talked on his speaker phone.

8) i once worked with a girl who would let her emotions fly in staff meetings. she didn't try to filter. she didn't try to soften her opinions. she just let her mouth run. and if she didn't agree with something, she would fold her arms, huff loudly, and roll her eyes. i'm not even kidding. immature much?

okay, i'm done now. i'm not sure if i feel better or just more annoyed by sitting and pondering on these things. i think i need another vacation. last week just wasn't enough.


glove said...

bwaaaaaa i love this post too!

My gut tells me that this is going to be another five star week for WW posting. Giggle giggle.

glove said...
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glove said...

in case you were wondering, i deleted a duplicate comment. blogger is being weirdo today.

super jane said...

typically, posts that involve venting go over well.

giggle, giggle.

T Pea said...

7a.) Hard candy. 'Nuff said.

And I HATE when people pronounce words incorrectly -- ESPECIALLY words that relate directly to their field. It's FAFSA, people, not FASFA! It is not the Free Application for Student Federal Aid.

super jane said...

ah, yes, t pea. how could i forget about the hard candy? we once worked with a guy who always sucked on hard candy and it would click against his teeth. it was gross.

34 Years said...

- People who snap their gum. Repeatedly. It makes me want to grate their face against the cement wall.

- People who hang over your shoulder to see your computer when you're explaining something and have no idea they're in your personal space. Drives me NUTS.

- People in cube-land who use speaker phone. Like I really want to listen to your ENTIRE conversation, or worse, ALL OF YOUR VOICEMAILS.

- People who rustle through every piece of paper on the shared printer to find their own, then leave the rest of the pile all over the counter - making it impossible for the rest of us to find our paperwork.

- The tattle-brat that sits in the office nearest the door, and loudly greets you when you're either A) coming to work late, B) coming back from lunch late or C) leaving early.

- The person that used MY soup mug. Bitch.

MSO Rin said...

Hoo-boy! I'm just tellin' y'all now that I'm taking an extra day to compose this bad boy. I think Wicked M is OOT this week anyway, so I'm gonna straddle Tues./Wed. and let G Love straddle Thurs./Fri.

super jane, that #1 on your list is SUCH a pet peeve of mine, too! EVERYTHING can't be that funny, right? Grrrr.

kaycee said...

Vicious. My my my. Glad I don't work with any of you because I would more than likely bug the bejeezes out of you.

Wicked M said...

Butt kissing? HATE that.

People who use speaker phones when they sit in cubes? HATE that.

People who take personal phone calls and talk loudly so that I know the details of their night out with so-and-so and how drunk they were? HATE that.

Tattle-brats? HATE that.

I could go on and on and on. I am terribly sorry I was on vacation this week and missed the chance to post about this topic. At least we can all laugh about these annoyances, right? Right???