Monday, July 21, 2008

i wonder what i'd do all day if i didn't work.

it's monday. who likes mondays? to help me get through this hum-drum day at work, i thought we could chat a bit about what i'd be doing if i wasn't at work. i'm not talking about a dream day where i'd spend time at the spa getting a fabulous massage from sven (although that sounds perfectly delightful). i'm talking reality here. what would i realistically be doing right this very second if i weren't stuck at work.

currently, the time is 11:23 am, so i'd most likely be playing with the girls outside. it's a beautiful day here in the circle city, so the girls and i would be swinging on the swings in the backyard or playing softball. lately, softball has been their passion. we play catch and hit the ball off of the tee and have a grand time. okay, so, scratch the swings...we'd definitely be playing ball right now.

at 12 noon or so, we come inside for lunch. i'd make hot dogs (a crowd favorite) for them with chocolate milk to drink for aj and pink lemonade for little mama. i'd drink water. we'd dine on hot dogs and grapes and graham crackers and go-gurts (cotton candy flavored) and i would spend most of the meal reminding aj to sit down on her bottom in her chair and to eat her lunch. mealtime is a bit hectic in our house and is rarely enjoyable. little mama is finally at the age where she can sit still and eat an entire meal. aj, on the other hand, never. sits. still. even at mealtime.

okay, once we finish eating, it's time to go to the pool. we'd swim for an hour or so and then head home for showers. i would scrub the hair of each baby and snuggle them in their towels as they dry off. i love the smell of 'just out of the tub' babes! nothing smells better! after changing into sun dresses, each girl would lay down for naps (me included - but i'm not in a sun dress...more like shorts and a t-shirt. is this too detailed?)

personally, nap time is my absolute favorite time of the day. we usually sleep for an hour to a hour and a half and it's just enough time to refresh me for the rest of the evening.

by now it's nearing dinnertime and on a normal work day, i'm usually home at this point. so, realistically, if i wasn't here, i'd be with the girls. i wouldn't be crunching numbers and connected to my calculator. i wouldn't be worrying about the latest audit and whether i've messed up a file for the state. instead, i'd be worrying about making sure the girls were wearing sunscreen and that i washed their hair well enough to avoid turning a greenish tint.

both work and home are important, i know. i keep my head in the game no matter which location i happen to be on a particular day, though there is no doubt that my heart always lies at home.

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