Friday, June 27, 2008

i wonder when i knew he was the one.

tomorrow, super jas and i will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. we've been together for nearly 12 years now and when we first met, i hated him. okay, i take that back. i didn't actually hate him, but i found him incredibly annoying. and cocky. ours is not a story of love at first sight. it's not even a story of love at 100th sight. super jas spent nearly an entire semester chasing me and i spent nearly an entire semester hiding from him (and crushing on his roommate.)

annnyway, when did i know he was the one?
it wasn't our first meeting.
it wasn't our first real phone conversation.
it was our first kiss.

i knew that night when he came to my dorm room to watch a movie that i was going to kiss him. and i did. i kissed him. i just couldn't wait for him to make a move. and when i did, my stomach did flips and i felt like i was going to puke from the excitement of it all. it was the sweetest, gentlest kiss i'd ever experienced and when we finished kissing, i knew that i could never let this boy go. something inside of me simply clicked. i knew without a doubt that he was the one.

for sure, we've had our ups and downs in the 12 years that we've been together. we've had really hard times too when i thought that maybe life would be easier without him. but then i think about how life would really be if that were true. how my world would change without him physically being next to me along this journey called life.

and then he kisses me...and the butterflies that i get in my stomach tell me that there is no way i could ever let him go.


MSO Rin said...

Whee! A happy, girly, wonderful, sweet post (and a great Wonder for the week)! Happy anniversary, you two!

I wonder if there's going to be a theme of crushing on/dating the "wrong" person right up until we met our Mr. Rights ...

Wicked M said...

Ah the first kiss! I love these stories and cannot wait to hear what the other gals have to say on this topic.

Happy Anniversary (belated) and I wish you many millions of years of happines!