Thursday, September 6, 2007

my secret smell lover.

sure, i too love the smells of random things - my husband's neck, campfires, paint, new cars, etc. there is one smell, however, that captivates me like none other.

i confess.
i absolutely love the smell of plastic.

my love affair with plastic began at a very young age. so young, in fact, that i can't remember when i first began to love it. most toddlers carry around a blankie, stuffed animal, or other comfort item. not me. i carried around a pair of plastic pants. (yes, plastic pants that used to be worn by babies with cloth diapers.) i would carry a pair of those around and suck my thumb as i inhaled it's wonderful plastic smell. the story goes that my parents would have to tell my babysitters that it was okay for me to put plastic over my mouth and nose because naturally, the babysitters would flip out at such a sight. i would even stuff the plastic pants into the broken a/c vent in our old, brown chrysler to get them nice and cold. once they reached the perfect temperature, i would grab them and smell them again to my heart's content. ah, i remember those days fondly.

i've since outgrown my habit for sniffing plastic pants, but i've never outgrown the love of the scent of plastic. i'm an addict, i think. i adore browsing through the shower curtain aisle at the store and taking whiffs here and there. a former coworker of mine once bought me a shower curtain to keep in my desk. she did it as a joke, but little did she know how many times i truly sniffed that sucker. i used cloth diapers and plastic pants with my own girls when they were babies and would sneak a smell from time to time. i used to joke with super jas that i wished i could just sit the baby on my face and sniff and sniff. he laughed and i laughed with him on the outside...but on the inside i was secretly planning my next plastic pant smell fest.


MSO Rin said...

OK, I TOTALLY pulled this week's wonder out of thin air, not expecting it to be all that interesting or fruitful. But let me just say ... plastic pants? Best. Smell. Secret. EVER. I adore you, super jane! :) Thanks for sharing.

Wicked M said...

Okay, I must admit. When I first read this, my initial thoughts were, "Plastic pants!?" However, I reread it again today and it just cracked me up. I can just imagine you sneaking in sniffs of the girls' plastic pants! It's another one of the joys of motherhood for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when i made my first holy communion at age 8 and had to wear the above the knees,poofy communion dress,veil,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.i remember the smell of the white,toddler size rubber pants all of us girls had to wear over our cloth communion diaper.they were brand new and had that new,'plasticy' smell that permeated from under my dress.i could smell the rubber pants all day.