Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Wonder Why I Love The Smell of...

...random things. So, I'm with MSO Rin with the Sharpies and the gasoline. I always roll the window down when Superman is pumping gas and I've been known to take a big whiff of the huge Sharpie marker we have in our pen jar. It, uh, relaxes me. I could go on and on about how I love the smell of my husband or clean sheets, but I decided to go with a random assortment instead.

Swiffer. I know, I know. It's weird. But I love the smell of the Swiffer wet cloths. I guess it makes me think of clean houses and a clean house is a happy house.

Suntan lotion. Stay with me here. I LOVE the smell of the old-fashioned coconut suntan lotion. It makes me think of long summers spent by the pool playing pool tag, Numbers, and Marco Polo. It makes me think of freedom and no school and being outside for twelve hours a day. It makes me hear children giggling and mothers yelling for their kids to, "Stay out of the pool during Adult Swim!"

Garlic. Love the smell of garlic. It makes me think of fantastic Italian food and about having a full tummy. The smell of garlic tends to waft and it has this way of enticing you. It's magical, really.

Vanilla. I could walk around with a bottle of this stuff around my neck and never get tired of the scent. It's like being in both of my grandmothers' kitchens simultaneously and it makes me think of being a kid and having dessert. And hugs. Vanilla makes me think of hugs. It should be no secret that my entire apartment is full of vanilla candles, plug-ins, and oils. I'm an addict.

Is it odd that most of my random smells have to do with food? Or baking myself in the sun? Or cleaning my kitchen floor? Hm. I don't care. They make me happy. Tell me what makes your nose happy.

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super jane said...

i love all of those things too...except for the garlic. i especially love coconut suntan lotion. i could lick that stuff right off of my body.

glove said...

I used to live one town over from Gilroy, CA - the self proclaimed Garlic Capital of the World. Indeed, the smell was pervasive - it was like living in an oven that bakes garlic bread 24 hours a day. My town of Morgan Hill, CA was the Mushroom Capital of the World - they smell like week-old moldy gym clothes. I loved when the garlic smell overpowered the gym clothes smell. Loved it.

nejyerf said...

since you asked so nicely, i will delurk to say....

i really like the smell of a freshly struck match. i like to light a match just to smell it. and to freak out my husband, who thinks that the house is on fire.

i also like the mixture of camel cigarettes and brut aftershave. reminds me of my high school art teacher.

and perm solution...the kind that singes your nose-hairs

and now i'm going to comment all the time. you'll get so sick of me hanging around.....

3 Parrots Island said...

Since you're begging I will de-lurk once more to comment on smells :)

I join you on suntan lotion- it makes me think of childhood/beach simultaneously. I adore the smell of men's cologne. Rave hairspray takes me right back to high school. The Body Shop's green apple soap brings me straight to my aunt & uncle's house in England.

I love the smells that shoot you to a period in your's like time travel, stops me in my tracks.